July 13 2004 On June 30 we reported on the e

first_imgJuly 13, 2004 On June 30. we reported on the effort to extend the work area of the Foundry. Part of that pour was a small beam that surrounds this new work area. On top of that beam the crew has now built a form for a table surface. [Photo & Text: sa] Patient detail work achives a smooth finish. In future this long table will be able to seat a good-size dinner party. It is a work area with a great view. [Photo & Text: sa] Many hands make short work out of a large task. [Photo & Text: sa] center_img There is no room for a concrete mixer close to this site, which is why there was a large pump truck for the big pour on 6/28. For this pour the concrete has to be wheel barrowed to below the new work area. From there it is chained up in cans. [Photo & Text: sa] last_img