Everyones Parents Get Back Together on Once Upon a Time

first_img Once Upon a Time Builds Fun Lore Around a Seattle LandmarkOnce Upon a Time’s Final Battle Was the Happiest Ending Now that the Black Fairy is in Storybrooke, and Henry is uncontrollably scribbling hieroglyphs, Once Upon a Time is setting up for the final battle. Step one: Get everyone back in the same place. That includes breaking the sleeping curse on Snow and Charming, the one remaining vestige of the Evil Queen arc, which the show seemingly can’t wait to get away from. At this point, it’s for the best. The Evil Queen is gone, along with any narrative tension the sleeping curse had. In recent episodes, it was becoming more of a minor annoyance than a meaningful obstacle.As the episode begins, no one is in good shape. Emma is having those hand tremors again that prevent her from using magic, and everyone is understandably concerned over the doom glyphs Henry’s been writing. Why can’t he just draw that pointy S on his notebooks like a normal kid? Desperate to rid him and his wife of the Sleeping Curse, Charming asks Regina to try out whatever she’s got. If that sounds like a bad idea, that’s because it is. Though Regina’s antidote appears to work at first, things immediately get worse. It seems the Evil Queen has built in a fail-safe. Not only is the curse unbroken, now they will both fall asleep permanently at midnight.Snow makes a message for Charming explaining everything. In the background, he notices a pink petal he recognizes. To see why we flash back to Storybrooke before season one: The Time of the Dark Curse. It’s really cool to see Storybrooke before Emma’s arrival. As promised all the way back in the first season, it’s the land of no happy endings. Everyone is miserable and made more so by Snow/Mary Margaret’s constant cheer. On her way to deliver flowers to the sleeping John Doe (Charming), she finds a strange pink flower growing out of the sidewalk. When she sets it down next to him, he wakes up and remembers everything. He touches her hand and the petal dust brings Snow White back too.Rebecca Mader, Lana Parilla, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Snow gives Charming directions to Rumplestiltskin’s shop, and he asks how they can get Emma back. It takes some convincing, but Rumplestiltskin reveals it’s possible with that pink flower. It’s a pixie flower, and the dust from it can reunite people who love each other. Meanwhile, Snow White does everything she can to keep Regina off his trail. Regina starts to suspect that Snow White has woken up, and threatens to kill Dr. Hopper. Mary Margaret would never stand up to the mayor, even to save someone else. Snow White, Regina says, is a hero. Fortunately, the rest of Storybrooke shows up, allowing Snow to escape back to Charming.They are about to use the fairy dust to get their daughter back, but Rumplestiltskin appears. He reminds them that if they reunite with their daughter now, at age 10, she will never become the savior. The curse will never be broken. Snow White decides that as a hero, she can’t leave the rest of the town to live under the curse. They get one last look at their daughter and put themselves back under the curse. It’s an effective, emotional gut-punch of a scene.Back in the present, Snow White and Emma find a whole field of pixie flowers. Since they only grow in the presence of great evil, they figure Emma’s ultimate adversary must be nearby. The Black Fairy reveals herself and warns tells Emma that the final battle is coming. She then instructs Gideon to destroy the entire field of pixie flowers. She and Gideon disappear, taunting Snow White about her impending eternal sleep. Fortunately, Gideon appears to have missed one flower. There’s just enough pixie dust to break the curse.Jaime Murray and Giles Matthey. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)But hey, what about Hook? After being stranded in Neverland with Lost Boys descending on him, he’s surprised to see them all knocked out by a dart. It’s Tiger Lily! Noticeably absent from the previous Neverland stories, Tiger Lily is here to save Hook from the Lost Boys. Sort of. She knocks him out with another dart and ties him up. When he comes to, she says she needs something from him. She needs him to bring a piece of a powerful wand to the savior for her final battle. Well, that works out nicely. Hook explains his situation, and Tiger Lily tells him there might be a way to get him back to Storybrooke: Peter Pan’s magic.Tiger Lily creates a distraction at the Lost Boys’ camp while Hook raids Pan’s magic. As the Lost Boys descend on them both, he cuts off his shadow and instructs it to take the wand to Emma. The shadow flies away, and Hook and Tiger Lily are captured. The shadow makes it to Emma just as she and Regina are about to break Snow and Charming’s sleeping curse. She realizes Hook’s in danger, and Snow White tells Emma to use the dust to rescue him. Snow is confident that Emma will find some other way to break the curse. With the pixie dust and the power of true love (d’awww), Emma opens a door to Neverland, rescues Hook, and allows Tiger Lily to escape in the commotion.Now that Hook’s back in Storybrooke it happens for real. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Emma. She says yes, of course. Now we know what the upcoming musical episode is going to be about. Hook wants to tell her parents but finds that they have already fallen into their permanent sleeping curse. Fortunately, Regina comes up with a solution. She gathers the entire town together. She asks the entire town to share the curse, diluting its power. The entire town does, and the curse is soon weakened and broken. Everyone’s parents (and step-parents) are back together.Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Speaking of parents, as the episode ends, the Black Fairy visits her son, Rumplestiltskin. He’s figured out that Gideon isn’t acting of his own free will. The Black Fairy has his heart. How did he know? Because Gideon left one pixie flower alive. He was able to disobey her, just a little bit. That could prove crucial in the upcoming battle.While I wish the Black Fairy had been built up better earlier this season, she is proving to be a decent villain. The show is starting to justify why she’ll be the greatest evil Emma’s ever faced. Right now, they’re just telling us though. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping we see some of what her power can do. Otherwise, this was a high point for Once Upon a Time. It was fun going back to Dark Curse-era Storybrooke, which we haven’t seen since season one. The episode earned all its big emotional moments and got everyone back together in a way that didn’t feel too easy or convenient. Even with the deus ex machina flowers appearing out of nowhere. Most importantly, now that the problems of the last few episodes have been solved, we really have no idea what’s coming next. Stay on targetlast_img