Heres What Happened Today Tuesday

first_imgUpdated 23:00NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a roundup of today’s news.IMF official Peter Breuer, left, Mission Chief for Ireland Craig Beaumont, centre, and other Troika officials were back in Dublin today (Image: Mark Stedman).IRISHThe Troika were back in town for their final review visit.Seán Quinn Junior is to sell his home to purge his contempt of High Court orders. [RTÉ]Labour councillor Sean O’Grady resigned from the party.The key to the Seán O’Casey Bridge is lost and no one can open it.A six-month-old baby was found dead at a house in Dublin.An aircraft crash in Offaly that killed two men was caused by a lack of fuel in the tank.New driving licence rules came into effect.A man arrived in Dublin Airport with 0.5 kg of cocaine in his stomach.FÁS is no more… so say hello to Solas.Stormont was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious device.WORLDUnites States intelligence officials testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington today (Image: Susan Walsh/AP/PA).#UNITED STATES: Intelligence officials testified in Congress while the Senate intelligence committee ordered a review of the country’s surveillance operations. [The Guardian]#BRITAIN: An autopsy took place on the body of a former BBC driver accused of child sexual assault after he was found dead at his house yesterday. [AFP]#LONDON: Another two men were arrested for sexual offences in the investigation into allegations of child sexual assault by Jimmy Savile.#SYRIA: Thousands of Syrian civilians are fleeing a besieged Damascus suburb that has been closed off by a government forces blockage since March. [BBC]INNOVATIONA new version of Google Glass will be compatible with prescription glasses. [arstechnica]Netflix is toying with the idea of streaming movies online on the same day they’re in cinemas. [All Things D]PARTING SHOTThe tallest man in the world got married. We’re just wondering where he rented that tux. [The Guardian]First published 21:00.Here’s What Happened Yesterday>last_img