Coaching job open to all – Netball boss has no gender preference for Sunshine Girls gig

first_img “They have to demonstrate their ability to plan and when they submit that plan, they will also have to execute one training session of that plan,” Daley-Morris added. Meanwhile, their was some confusion surrounding the national Under-21 team’s participation in the Berger Elite League after their fourth placed finish in the competition. Daley-Morris stated that it was well-known among the ranks that they took part for developmental purposes while noting that she was pleased with their performance. “The players, the coaches, and everybody knew they would not advance (to the semi-finals). What we should have done is separate the points they earned from the media report, and we didn’t do that, so that would have created some miscommunication. But that was the policy from the beginning and everybody knew,” she added. “But it’s good (they did so well) because we are going to Botswana in July … and it was good to see they can hold their own in a senior competition,” Daley-Morris added. The position has been vacant for little over a month. ABILITY TO PLAN Netball Jamaica president, Dr Paula Daley-Morris, says she has no preference as it relates to a male or female coach noting that the best candidate will be selected for the senior Sunshine Girls head coaching job. Speaking on the Girls’ Sports Club programme on Hitz92 FM, the netball boss said the door is open to all qualified applicants and informed that the post will be advertised in the media by this weekend. “I’m looking for the candidate that demonstrates the best ability to do the job. It doesn’t matter (if the person is male or female). Based on the criteria, the best candidate will be employed,” said Daley-Morris. “Persons who coach at this level have to have a Jamaica award, but not many have that, so we usually take persons with a level one award and the interview process will distinguish which person qualifies for the job,” she explained. Applicants are required to submit their resumes with a dossier of activity in terms of netball coaching qualification and other training acquired. They will also be asked to present a programme which they think is suitable to take the Sunshine Girls to the level the association envisions.last_img