Catering to join how indirect cost saving kitchen

we all know that the operation of a restaurant belonging to their own, the cost of the cost is our immeasurable. Only better control costs, we can earn more profits. So, the choice of food and beverage business, how to save the indirect costs of the kitchen?

how to join?

, for example, in water saving, can be divided into sub file stalls management. With a total water meter in the kitchen stove, fry, chopping board, water table, pastry, cold dishes stalls with water table. The chef takes turns on duty, records the data of each water meter at the end of the day, calculates the amount of the day, and signs by the chief chef. Second days to go to work, the chef on duty the same day to check the data on the water meter, if found due to aging equipment and other issues caused by water leakage, it will promptly contact the relevant departments to adjust to avoid waste. The main control is on the actual amount of the day. For example, under normal circumstances, the kitchen meter total amount of 20 tons, and one day the actual amount is 25 tons, if you exclude the day a large reception activities such as increasing water content may be that there is serious waste in the kitchen. This need to check the water consumption of each stall, tracing the reasons for rectification, and the parties to punish, to prevent similar problems from happening again. In this way, each employee will Houchu attention to water conservation, making use of water, with water cleaning cloth hand washed dishes, and then used to clean the floor. After a period of time, the amount of water into the kitchen into the normal range, will save more than 10% of the original water consumption. read more

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3 year old boy playing with a lighter burn sister a large area of the age of 5 years old girls will

, Guangxi, a 3 year old boy playing with a lighter to burn only 5 year old sister, the boy lit the bed with a lighter, resulting in a large area of the body burns sister, but also amputated fingers. At present, his family has collected more than 80 thousand yuan donation online.

last December 30th at 10 pm, Xiang Qiqi had been asleep, her 3 year old brother, I do not know where to find a lighter play, accidentally ignited bedding bed and mattress. At that time, the room was closed, the grandfather outside the room completely unaware. read more

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Fujian how to upgrade the real estate management

in the course of rapid economic growth, prices soaring let us surprised, although our salary level is far not reached that level, but the price has been high, so many people buy a house to give up! For such a frenzied real estate market, Fujian will improve the way the public land transfer. Land auction, if the land auction premium rate of more than a certain percentage, the scene can suspend the auction, to take the limited land prices, competing prices or limit premium, competing with the construction and other means to sell land. read more

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2012 what shop to make the most money

2012 what shop to make the most money? Do you want to start a friend? The whole network Xiaobian pushing several projects, we go and have a look!

flower soil

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower. According to the current market spend about 200 yuan per cubic meter of soil, with annual sales of about $200 thousand, to remove the rent, fertilizer, water, electricity, wages and other costs, net profit of 6-10 million, the market prospect is extremely attractive. Flowers can also be sold at the same time, while selling some flowers and trees. read more

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Why choose to join the brand hamburger West master hamburger

said what good snacks, small have a hamburger. While many of the hamburger brands, is the West master hamburger is better, then a month with the marketing will sell hamburger 300 thousand myths are still visible before the eyes. West master as the industry strength of the brand, provide a more authentic hamburger for consumers, so, you know the West master brand investment prospects? The next Xiaobian to introduce it.

Why choose brand

hamburger to join the West master hamburger

The core product read more

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Children’s toys store to find the store to pay attention to what factors

toy has an irresistible attraction for children, but the toy market variety, there are a lot of puzzle toys by the young and old love years, join a toy store Unlimited Business Opportunities, toy stores location need to consider many factors, as the saying goes, a good shop is half success, of course, the site also need how to open a toy store, location? Now we have to understand in detail.

to open a toy store to the site, the main factors are as follows:

read more

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1000 what business can make money quickly

      1000 what business can make money quickly? Is a lot of investors information, Xiaobian give you the answer today is certainly good money to do a cost of small business, to see love’s lingerie brand, this is a crazy lady charm let all female underwear brand, come with me to look at it.

read more

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Clothing store location four taboo investors must not touch

with the development of economy, people are pursuing higher quality of life, which brings infinite vitality to the clothing industry. But the clothing store Feng Shui location, mainly in the choice of a firm to ensure that the spirit of entrepreneurship, inviting customers, conducive to trading, can bring good business environment. When the site must not violate the following four taboos, Xiaobian lead us to look at.

repellent unpropitious storefront

said not auspicious feng shui architecture, mainly refers to some kind of chimney, toilet, cowshed, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other easy to make people feel uncomfortable psychological construction. These buildings, or black smoke, or stinking, or crying, or Yin disease. By not auspicious building information, Feng Shui as xiongqi. read more

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Chinese food and beverage industry service requirements

it is well known that the civilization of the Chinese nation is the only ancient civilization that has not been interrupted. Table manners will naturally be exquisite, but even Chinese must understand are read without thorough understanding the following small, simple to introduce several basic table manners.

, a Chinese training seating arrangement

if it is a general dinner, may wish to introduce to the guests at the time of the seating ceremony; if the high specification of the banquet, the party will be in the booking stage to consult the owner’s views and requirements. Western guests in front of the seat, used to directly led by the waiter to his own seat. read more

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How do children store product display

baby industry business opportunities, many investment managers want to join. Want to do a good job in children’s clothing store business we have to understand some common business methods. So what do we need to know to do children’s clothing to join the work we have to know how to do a good job of display. Good display can better attract customers’ eyes, better grasp the psychology of consumers. So how can we do a good job on the small series on the detailed introduction.

people are easily brightly coloured design display to attract good store display good work done, will attract more tourists. Children’s clothing store how to display goods? Today, the rapid development of the children’s clothing industry, the opening of the children’s clothing store to become entrepreneurs hot election, and want to successy opened a children’s clothing store is not simple, entrepreneurs have to know how to display skills. Only choose a good skill, in order to better open up the market, do a good job of the display is very good to attract consumers, is able to easily create profit. read more

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What matters a part time business Business

people in more than -time part-time, and naturally there are people in the business part-time, -time part-time business only, is different from the ordinary part-time, attention is more, also need to attract entrepreneurs attention, so as to ensure the part-time business success. So, what are the points of part-time business?

part-time entrepreneurship is based on existing work on the two work. A part-time business was also a choice of commercial projects to start, operate, generally speaking, suitable for working entrepreneurial projects are relatively small, but this small project is a pioneering project, independent entrepreneurial projects. Since it is an entrepreneurial project, you have to act in accordance with the laws of the business, the operator needs to have a certain degree of business characteristics and related prerequisites. These conditions can play, otherwise, it becomes a victim of the sea tide and stepping stone, specifically what conditions need is suitable to do business while working side. read more

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Ai Chi Domar’s face is how much the whole jiamengfei

photoelectric beauty, in our life, has always been a very stylish choice. The photoelectric skin come out, deeply consumer’s affection, is also a very popular choice. If, you are also very heart, then, come to Ai Chi Domar wash your face bar!

how about Ai Chi Domar’s face?

many people want to do skin care and attention is the photo, the price of the problem. In fact, there is a certain relationship between the price and the recipient photoelectric skin in their own body, in addition to the choice of skin mechanism also has inevitable relation. Ai Chi Domar wash it is beauty of the well-known institutions, a number of stores across the country, are provided with photoelectric skin project. Prices are generally very reasonable, both within the scope of the subject can withstand. read more

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How much beer agent

beer? In the market, many people like to drink beer. Of course, the choice of business to join the beer project, open their own beer stores, is also very has the opportunity. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

beer agent how much money? The beer is expensive? Many people want to go to the agent of beer, but does not understand Zhapi agent how much money, don’t worry, Xiaobian to introduce draft agent how much money here, to help you understand the beer agency industry situation. read more

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How spicy fish Hot pot mountain nvestment

today, Hot pot has always been a popular feature in many brands, delicacy, spicy fish mountain Hot pot is subjected to chowhound’s delight, spicy fish mountain Hot pot features, delicious taste, rich nutrition soup, spicy mountain fish stores shop business is hot Hot pot.

a lot of people ask spicy fish pot? As a special delicacy, spicy fish is fresh fish mountain Hot pot and feed flavor, another special aroma contains the taste is not the same, mellow and thick cotton, featured a variety of Chinese herbal medicine and lead a person to endless aftertastes, a variety of spices, with scientific methods and modulation. In the selection of raw materials in delicious, nutrition is the fresh fish and fresh, beautiful shape, taste in the United States at the same time, taking into account the proportion of dietary nutrients intake. To meet the needs of different consumers on the pursuit of nutrition, feeding the fish, seafood and delicious. read more

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How much is Le Yizhi to learn Home Furnishing jiamengfei

learn how Le Yizhi home? Science and technology to create wealth, for a business with a small capital who is very superior, with the strength of selection. Simple way to join, a good choice to be trusted. Join the school Le Yizhi home? You deserve!

according to the Royal Academy of Sciences found that people often play puzzle products, people do not play than the average IQ of about 11 points higher than the brain’s open thinking ability. And educational products for people of all ages to play, we can see that the market is very wide range of intellectual products. So how much money for children’s intellectual products to join it? read more

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Lando still pregnant how cosmetics sales is very good the whole

2017, the choice to do cosmetic business? What about the cosmetics? Has always been a very popular choice. Join the pregnancy is still more than the cosmetics project, open a pregnancy is still their own more than cosmetics store, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

more and more people realize that from the beginning of pregnancy can solve a lot of problems, than after the recovery to do better and more healthy. For example, stretch marks once formed, will not disappear but 100%, pregnancy prevention, recovery rate will be greatly improved; and, if the pregnancy will take good care of the uterus, ovary and other parts, not only can help smooth pregnancy, also help postpartum recovery better. read more

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To see how the Japanese Hot pot

said you must have a variety of Chinese style hot pot brand in the minds of today we do not talk about Chinese hot pot, we want to talk about the Japanese hot pot. You will be very curious, Japan is not the most popular sushi? There are hot pot, we can compare with China? Oh, you don’t look down upon the Japanese Hot pot.

according to reports, the Japanese Hot pot is connected, it is many kinds of soup, including seafood soup, exquisite, Hot pot Hot pot etc.. Among them, "Shou hi hot pot" was invented by Japanese farmers. The legend of ancient Japanese have the habit of eating Hot pot, farmers will fish and vegetables into the pit on the pot, cook and eat. From the latter half of the nineteenth Century, the popular way to eat hot pot in Japan, people will cut into thin slices of beef and seafood, vegetables, etc. together in the pot boil, eat raw eggs with sauce, soy sauce and sugar made of seasonings. Now, the Japanese hot pot and further development, regardless of the bottom of the soup, materials or condiments, are much more than the previous attention. Japanese hot pot features, in particular, is a special focus on health and nutrition. Specifically, is to emphasize the original flavor of hot pot, pay attention to the origin of the material. read more

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Dario Home Furnishing jewelry brand strength high profit

we all know, a small home accessories, always very attractive to consumers. How to run Home Furnishing jewelry? Not only has the very high popularity, and joining of Home Furnishing jewelry items, or very powerful brands to join the project selection. So, what are you hesitating about?

small Home Furnishing accessories bring huge economic benefits of Home Furnishing accessories, to bring consumers the fashion Home Furnishing experience, to bring investors is high returns. Home Furnishing ruiou jewelry to join the project, small investment, big returns, is a small choice for entrepreneurs to join the project. read more

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