To create a perfect website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng system

in the robots.txt file

3.PowerPoint and PDF

can be the perfect solution to the difficulty of our website search engine, and.

4.robots.txt shielded link

first, the establishment of friendly link structure

search engine optimization work is divided into the station, outside the station, we all know the station or station or if you do not, Shanghai Longfeng work will not be carried on. We know that the search engine is a software program that has both advantages and disadvantages. As the Shanghai dragon, streamlining operations throughout the site must be adjusted to the website, to search engine spiders more easily, reduce the difficulty of the work of the search engine, if we can do this, then we made a big success in Shanghai dragon nearly. So in the station optimization system sometimes is not what we think so simple, get a few OK, we should optimize to construct the whole website according to search engine spiders’ habits, optimize our emphasis in this article to talk about the station. read more

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To solve the four key problems make you successful revision of the website

website after the revision, weight a little influence of the website is always more or less, so we need the webmaster in website also need to pay attention to repair, such as a little more than usual high quality of the chain, to a little more than usual high quality original.


four: after the revision of the maintenance of

! ! !

so what good method can solve this contradiction? It should try to make the site down easily in the revision of the website weight will not end, the author thinks that in fact is not difficult to do website, as long as the attention in the four core problems encountered and solved the heavy revision, and timely, it can let you want upgrade read more

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From 6 to 0 weight share now and then to restore the weight and the lack of experience

two, the chain will not be too excessive for a single, single

Hello, I am Zhang Jiajie. Also remember that day in June 28th, I experienced, now in retrospect, remember. I will fall in love with the sea pupils writing network weights from 6 down to 0, and so the content page will almost K light, only part of the home page and column page. Because of the general situation, I also go with the flow of some love Shanghai bidding group took a look, found that it is of no help.

PR3, the weight of 3, love love Shanghai IP station data is not accurate, I was his 2 times read more

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A new Shanghai dragon Er puzzle the user experience to see who

in fact, optimize the content above, we really need to go back to see customers? Specific technical process, basically 99% of the customers are not concerned with the construction site or the Shanghai dragon specific operation, specific skills, and these customers are not concerned about Shanghai and phoenix net station industry, related news or a large IT industry unless this person (the "

in the above verbose so much specific, want to express what? It is actually very simple, but when it comes to our optimization under construction site with website optimization related business website. Do you know the Shanghai dragon, the optimization is roughly in the station optimization and stood outside, a specific point, we say, content of construction with the chain. What we do? We are doing in order to correlation, correlation of Technology (some specific problems such as production site involved in the process and solutions, such as the Shanghai dragon skills sharing), industry correlation (website construction industry news what ah, Shanghai dragon industry what news, search engine, network marketing related, and so on, such as news), in addition to what read more

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How to choose the high quality Links

the number of outbound links number is A simple understanding website links to other websites. The search engine’s score is probably like this: 100 points, such as the A site has 10 outbound links, so each outbound links 10 points; if the export link is 50, so each outbound links score is 2. In other words, if you have 50 Links website with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 2; if you have a website do 10 Links with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 10. So when the chain try to outbound links less number of sites do Links, see a number of other Links which can directly be clear at a glance. read more

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Love Shanghai anti cheating algorithms upgrade combat website hyperlink cheating

link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

value by creating a web page or site built a large number of cross chain wheel;

love Shanghai said the upgrade combat consists of any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups to exploit long interests. Hope that through this algorithm upgrade further reduce behavior on the harm to the user experience; maintenance of diligent station interests, which will focus on building up the content of the website. read more

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From four aspects of improving the user experience of the website B2B

of each type of website is dead again good law, if the site does not have sufficient content is no good, even if your site optimization is very good, is not enough, not after the user search engine in what can not see through it, you should at least have related content. Therefore, the B2B site you want to do, it will be bigger, better improve the content of the website included quantity, ensure each search engine has to grab something new.

B2BMember of

speed is a key to the success of the website, if your site does not have a steady and fast server, then you are not very successful, the website the day down, not open, and happened to meet the site open phenomenon, then the search engine spiders to your web site but also by at the door, what also didn’t get, then next time, it will not be so willing to come, this is It’s only human. was put dove, after all, I feel very fun. > read more

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Enhance the net use chain platform used figuratively for studying hard

: correlation degree, stable and normal

: search for "big brand", recommended

: safety and stability, popularity, high weight

Links platform believe the webmaster all know, whether new or old station to a chain exchange work, I recently responsible for the company website Friendship Exchange, before did not hand what resources, only in the online search. Carefully study, a lot of friends of the chain platform for online classification, exchange form, a form of sale, some large Adsense sites also have foreign friends of chain platform, such as A5, etc. there are also special network owners, do a chain exchange go9go, choose from a variety of platform for the most important has the use of the limited time, the work efficiency is highest. read more

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How should the Forum on Shanghai dragon optimization

6. increased sharing plugin. Share plug-in can share articles in renren贵族宝贝, QQ space, SNS is the site visitor cheats, if a person can get double the reprint, page impressions, it will bring a lot of traffic sites, but also very convenient to humanity.

1. pseudo static Copyright 5.

forum website, because more convenient, as long as the construction has certain popularity, the daily work is very easy and user management posts, too many articles do not need to edit and update. So, with DISCUZ and PHPWIND as the representative of the forum site has been very fire. Here on the forum of Shanghai dragon optimization details: read more

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Five points of the site and improve and optimize the conversion rate

according to the experience, this is one of the most easily overlooked factor but it will have an impact on the conversion rate of drama. Users are accustomed to search for those brand official information page.

ensure that the similarity of H1 tags and keywords to control the flow of


search engine marketers are particularly obsessed with some data, such as visitor characteristics and ranking, any successful SEM projects are determined by the final return.


, proposition

method returns quickly to improve the search rate of project is to improve the existing conversion rate. Even if the conversion rate will only increase 0.5 –1% of the entire company brought dramatic changes. read more

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Grassroots Shanghai dragon optimization to go to a war to win a middle course

Shanghai dragon as a subject, there is a very profound theoretical basis, and not in the eyes of the us do the chain, post so simple website promotion. It is based on the search engine as the research object, on the site of the entire layout, as well as the code, program, path, periphery made a series of optimization search can let the love. This one has the ability and the strength of the team is of course essential, we grassroots business website is difficult, the site itself has asked the owners must be a versatile person, must understand all aspects of knowledge. This has gone beyond the limits of our grassroots. If it is not genius, no time, no energy to study the system of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Since the system of learning, it is only a hammer East West a wooden stick to understand its fur. In this case, if you rely on the Shanghai dragon too, do optimization when on the web sites, is bound to make mistakes, it is superfluous, self defeating, I let liberty promotion rebate network just because of an early jump, fallen in love with the sea as cheating, resulting in the decline of many included. Therefore, grassroots Webmaster Station Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be cautious. read more

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[Shanghai dragon must know the 100 sites optimization quiz featured 10 2 ] Q


finally, the procedures can be used to not let others copy the article even directly shielding acquisition software, do the watermark and Security page in the program, news content and image content, the establishment of security procedures, of course, this is more complex, need support, on the other hand, if the ban for replication, the user experience is also a kind of injury.

seven, there are several reasons why blog is K

website optimization problems has always been there, writing before the Shanghai dragon website optimization quiz series also achieved good results, since then a lot of people asked wood Shanghai Longfeng some problems, I put before the 100 and ask these questions together summed up the 10 representative questions, because it is selected and the answer will be relatively a little more detail, it is divided into two parts, the last has said the upper half, see below: read more

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Case analysis of ALT label Shanghai Longfeng effect

the author will briefly analyze the results. A: we can be seen as a search engine from the test results, whether it is love or Shanghai noble baby will use ALT attribute value to determine the image type, the value of the ALT property at the site of the Shanghai dragon still plays an important.

electronic website as an example, the author found a picture of the ALT property page. A picture on the price of the electronic map, the alt attribute value is: "North Huaqiang electronic market price index week trend". View the page source code, found that only the value of a ALT containing the words. I use Adsense tools of spider crawling simulation tools found in the pages, crawling results did not find this one word. As shown below. read more

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Do novice station station optimization guidance read on to understand the Shanghai Dragon

1, space domain name such as "hardware"

to each section of the title, keyword, write in a book, and modified at any time, it is best to hold a one-time written attitude to write seriously, because this is really important. We according to the latest trend in July 2011, now write the title on the "long tail word" surrounded by "hot words", so you can try to do the long tail word. Don’t grab the new hot word, like new Taobao customers don’t do "lose weight" products. read more

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An old webmaster for optimization experience sharing

? The

I always think Shanghai dragon friend is very cute, would like to see the A5 in the above optimization work home on the subway, like in the early hours of the time not to sleep in the website data analysis there, when the love of Shanghai renewal they may cry may laugh. Have a friend to do optimization I said yesterday: " love Shanghai boss to update, 5 website optimization ranking all his flash to the thousands of miles away, this estimation is out of a job. " take today Shanghai Longfeng things I experienced and share with you. read more

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By advertising a monthly income of 3000 yuan experience sharingTalk about the whole point of foreign

Adsense every K drop an account, and not in accordance with traffic, geographical origin as absolute standard, but when a station traffic source does not conform to the routine, the account will also be K. So, with the aid of shlf1314

1. builds a multi user English blog that automatically generates HTML.

Adsense ads are also in English, English advertising highest price of 84 U. s.dollars, that is, advertising, each was effectively click once, you can generate $84 commission income for the webmaster. Generally speaking, 1000IP domestic traffic to do shlf1314 read more

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Gao Xiaoshuang is Taobao still making moneyWill shlf1314 AdSense pay me this month


these payment reserves include the payment reserve you set yourself. You did not receive the payment made by the Western Union payment last month or change the payment retention after the name of the payee was modified. You must cancel the reservation before 15 of this month in order to receive payment this month.

friends early to do an e-commerce site on the www.zc-shop that considering the cockroach medicine e-commerce website cockroach medicine basically no, but considering the competition less, so he wanted to break out from here, at present the industry to do less, know less, is not after the mining potential.? now the people to demand more and more high life and health, so the cockroach affects people’s physical and mental health, so a friend to observe a period of time, the market found cockroach medicine if well, is very good, and now the most profitable industry is about health, because now people are most afraid of health problems is your own, if it is to spend more money on health is worth, and now it is for cockroaches inside the city more and more. So this is a viable industry for friends that are currently found on the web. read more

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Real decryption network training day earn hundred yuan projectExperience of earning maximum commissi

4. as long as you buy me two a domain name, a 200M space, I can let you do see

since it’s training, what training? What makes it possible for us to make at least $100 a day?

grabbed the three point of the core. With constant effort. There will be harvest. That’s all. For everyone to see the combination of my ideas of the development of Taobao railway station love to buy it, 2buy8. I wish you all the Commission of Taobao customers day by day. Progress from day to day.

2. online training is a trend towards a trend the beginning of brainwashing read more

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Chalk online threads for education trainers and learners’ communitiesYour new year’s three squirre

2014, Chinese nuts market reached 55 billion 600 million yuan, of which electricity supplier channel is 4 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of the market is only 7%. Chinese food industry association related personnel have predicted that the market size of 2015 electricity supplier channels can reach 8 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan. The bigger market actually means more intense competition, such as the transition to the next line store becheery, Ichiban shop is three squirrels underestimated opponent. The former, in September last year, was sold by the "miss you" purchase, the first quarter of this year revenue 800 million, > read more

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Adsense encyclopedia Yue Dialogue world lead you into Wangzhuan stormMa Jiajia started again how to

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: that garbage station is to rely on advertising to make money?.

Yue world is now: nothing, garbage station well, the user experience is second, making money is the first, but the page to make it look good on it.

hunt cloud: what kind of target users does High target?

from the current point of view, High is more like a female mobile question answering community App, content basically is the large scale style, from the topic "and kissing her boyfriend, his hands will be placed where" to "how to eradicate the male vote" reluctance "those ambiguous objects are involved.". In addition, the community has many "war" bitch "day dish" and "little meat" Gay honey "this kind of distinctive style of vocabulary. read more

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