Domain name registration with the registration information management for user double certification

December 10th news, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) announced this morning, will carry out the domain name registration information rectification work from today, where the registration information is not true domain name was canceled. The domain name registrar "China said it will fully cooperate with the CNNIC management, and requires the user through real name authentication and mobile phone.

CNNIC notice requirements, the domain name registrar first need to clear the domain name user to provide or fill in the true, accurate, complete domain name information, and if you do not meet the above conditions, the domain name will be canceled. At the same time, CNNIC requires domain name registrar of the domain name information has been registered one by one in five working days to notify the user to modify the domain name has not been corrected for cancellation. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Lenovo holdings 900 million yuan into the pocket shopping to subvert Tao

1 WeChat open login authorization function: third party developers can operate on behalf of the public number

yesterday, the Tencent WeChat Worldwide Partner Conference forum, WeChat announced that the team will further increase to third party developers support, is now open for the "login authorization" function, allowing developers to help the public number operations.

WeChat open platform

assistant general manager Zeng Ming said: "WeChat to connect user interface and open out, allow third party developers to help businesses to provide more vertical segments, but also better solutions to meet the needs of businesses." read more

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Chaos arena behind bitcoin game player lose aunt running approach

in January 6th following the appointment of bitcoin trading platform is mainly responsible for the central bank, yesterday, bitcoin trading platform launched on-site inspection.

Bank of Beijing business management department announced on January 11th in the "fire currency network" and "money" etc. bitcoin, Wright currency trading platform, trading platform to implement the foreign exchange management, anti money laundering and other relevant financial laws and regulations, trading places management related provisions such as the present field inspection. Shanghai headquarters announced the central bank also carried out on-site inspection of bitcoin china. read more

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Guangzhou Google fails to open the page

myself in Guangzhou, Google how to malfunction, the page can not be opened, PING did not show. Nearly two weeks old Guangzhou Google error pop-up window, Mr. Li Kaifu not to put another 1/3 with Baidu Google users do not grab, with this condition it is possible, Google do not know their own server problem, or the issue of telecommunications


18:02 March 8th Guangzhou

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The long tail is the essence of Witkey mode

Witkey (WitKey) mode is not mature compared to other blogs and other Web2.0 applications, the most obvious advantage is to have a relatively clear business model, the website can get into income from each transaction. At present, there are many Witkey websites have raised huge amounts of money, however, does not mean that Witkey is a mature industry. With a lot of Internet applications, such as genuine online music downloads, electronic magazines and other services, no one is a small number of poor people, and hard to wait until the spring. Now the domestic Witkey website is more like to set money from VC there tailored mode. read more

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Push rear seat belt system drops travel to great determination and courage

travel for the shared economy, it seems that many people just for the people to solve the taxi difficult, taxi expensive and other issues. But the day before the trip from drops a letter on the letter fasten seat belt "tells us: shared economic and travel more social value.

drops travel in 21 issued a letter of recommendation: the correct use of seat belts, in the event of an accident can improve the survival rate of 60%. But the use of seat belts in China is not high, especially the rear seat belt". Data show that the current seat belt utilization rate is only 36%, and only less than 3% passengers will use the rear seat belt". Even a lot of people don’t know where the rear seat belt is. In the next period of time, drops will increase through the safety tips, promotion and other means, to help the majority of passengers and drivers with knowledge of safety aspects, realize not endanger the safety belt, and gradually develop into it and fasten the safety belt, a good sense of the rear seat belt and habits. read more

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The selection of threshold and interest into marketing pushing hands hooking the soil trench

in November 2015, was friends known as the "22 year old female anchor LAN total" in Betta TV opened live 2 hours to attract millions of onlookers. Once to stall for blue students, "countrified wash cut blow exclusive" in the studio with the tune singing voice, quickly jump red.

if the aesthetic beauty of the live meet human lust, then "ugly" blue anchor, at the right time to seize the audience’s curiosity, instantly attracted millions of eyes, also let a group of people at the bottom of society seem to see the overnight turnaround. read more

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Classified website 3 years down the 90% from the industrial bubble to profit inflection point

Tencent Francisco September 2010, has burn classified information in the field for many years Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) for the first time publicly on the capital side of olive branch "NO said!". 19, about 7:30 in the morning, as the domestic classification information website the first camp of the 58 city yaojinbo founder and CEO, said an article in the Tencent micro-blog by iPhone, "received two copies of investment from the government, but he refused.

in addition to the government investors, the road is different, the biggest reason is that he is not bad money". In April this year, 58 city DCM and Saif fund invested a total of $15 million. Yao Jinbo also frequently declared: 2009 58 city has been profitable, in 2010 the company’s revenue will exceed $100 million." read more

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Sogou search engine 11 am abnormal

      Sogou search engine in the early morning of August 11th showed an unusual situation, the station search and reverse links are not available, the screenshot is as follows:

      1 Sohu station search error:

      2.admin5 Webmaster Station search error

      3 Admin5 Webmaster Station reverse link search error:

      however, if the keyword search, you can still search for relevant content: read more

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Chinese CN domain name overseas demand soared

in the situation of global economic decline, "China" has become the winter warmth. The influx of foreign capital, the value of China’s CN domain name and the rapid rise in overseas demand. Reporters from the city, the day before the domain name Chinese renamed and a number of domain name registration services was informed that this year, the CN domain name registered overseas surge in the number of participating foreign institutions to buy rapid growth in recent months.

domain name trading website domain name city CEO Wang Chunlei introduced, nearly half a year, city of overseas institutions through the domain CN domain name of the more than 1 thousand, every month on average nearly 200, overseas institutions submitted include finance, education, sports, FMCG, friends and other more than and 10 industries. Another domain name trading site name China general manager Kong Dejing did not disclose the specific amount, but said that compared to the same period last year, this year by China renamed to get foreign institutional CN domain growth rate as high as 55%, covering the United States, Japan and Germany, France and many other well-known enterprises, it should become a fashion trend of overseas enterprises the CN domain name. read more

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Baidu grab a lot of public comment on user reviews 3 million 230 thousand


technology news May 26th afternoon, v. Baidu case of unfair competition dispute verdict today in Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court, the court verdict, the Baidu Inc to stop acts of unfair competition, compensation for Shanghai Hantao Information Consulting Co (i.e. public comment operators, hereinafter referred to as the "Han Tao company") 3 million yuan of economic losses and reasonable expenses 230 thousand yuan, dismissed’s other litigation claims. read more

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Zhang Jindong Pro cross border electricity supplier users are also pretty amazing fight

recently, cross-border electricity supplier has become the most popular topic. Not only the consumer is crazy, even even chairman Su ningyun Zhang Jindong stopped for no footsteps. In June 28th, mainland consumers in Hongkong stores accidentally encounter Zhang Jindong, but a week ago, the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan, buy toilet cover, Tesco official consumers also found his figure. In this regard, Zhang Jindong said, to let the Chinese people stay at home, enjoy the high quality goods overseas to parity, and guaranteed authentic licensed. Some netizens wonder Zhang Jindong in order to cross-border electricity supplier, it is a fight! read more

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have just found a more practical way to promote the site

watch the news on QQ today, inadvertently found a thing, the startled, promotion method is every kind of changmen station, really put the party on the " times; " slogans play the most incisive! I’m ready to use this approach to publicize my hobby I stand what Chinese network A news page take QQ for example, then we find in the lower right corner of this blog where (actually QQ room), see below

well, we’ll see a row in the third well, we opened his QQ space:, we look at the browsing times and recovery times, is not a scare? QQ user group really is not blowing! We can have this read more

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2014 to raise the public where to go stepping on the wire to the dream

2013, no one questioned the hot Internet banking, BAT, P2P are the darling of the spotlight. The same as an important branch of Internet banking, but the congregation raised slightly lukewarm.

2014, Internet banking will continue hot, but we pay more attention to risk and regulation. And all the chips may be in this year, with the wings of the dream to fly to heaven.

contrast marginal cost, return on investment, risk benefit ratio of these professional financial terms, the congregation to raise the model to be more literary, small and fresh. From the United States Kickstarter founded intention, to raise the public to raise funds to build model originated in the dream platform for artists. It is also this model in China’s reproduction and development last year, the congregation raised the network to complete the congregation to raise the public, love all the chips, the public to raise the public and other projects. read more

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Another large supermarket closed shop Huarun responded that strategic adjustment

is a large supermarket closed shop! Yesterday, Huarun Changchun million red flag shop door closed, many people come to shop and eat cold-shoulder treatment, "also some time ago to the supermarket, I that the door is closed?" asks the public in front of the shop.

supermarket customers early signs of closing

yesterday morning, at the door of the supermarket, posted the Changchun red flag shop customer book, saying that due to the company’s strategic layout adjustment, decided in November 20th to stop foreign business. Inscribed at the show, the information is released in October 27th, "why a day ahead of time off?" asked the public. read more

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Android ecosystem development deformity China will introduce relevant laws and regulations

also defeated Xiao He, Xiao He. As the Android open platform, attracted users, developers, advertising alliance, even SP and CP, are also aimed at this land. But open behind the Android ecosystem may seem huge prosperity but chaos. No clear rules of the industry, no relevant departments to supervise the Android market, APP abuse of authority, unauthorized collection of user privacy, spam messages flooding, malicious plug-ins, etc..

compared with the management of the Internet has been relatively standardized, the mobile Internet industry authorities need to develop rules, then, who should give the mobile Internet license it? read more

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Audit Commission announced the results of the 17 lottery lottery illegal nternet sales

According to the

provisions of the "Audit Law" in People’s Republic of China, November 2014 to December, the Audit Commission of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the Chinese welfare lottery management center, General Administration of sports and the sports lottery management center, the 18 provinces of Beijing, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, and Gansu (hereinafter referred to as the city, province) the provincial finance, civil affairs, sports administrative departments and 228 provincial lottery sales organizations, 4965 lottery funded projects from 2012 to 2014 the fees and lottery lottery (hereinafter referred to as the lottery funds to audit). The audit results are hereby announced as follows: read more

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Dry cargo buyers exactly what kind of love the details page

The shop is two

power: internal and external. Strength mainly refers to the internal management of the store, mainly refers to the promotion of external drainage. In fact, the importance between the two, but the strength is certainly based, no promotion strength blindly attracted traffic can only improve the jump loss rate. The influence of internal factors and has a lot of, and share with you today, how to optimize the baby details page.

baby details page directly determines the shop baby or not. Baby details page can not be too simple can not be too specific and complicated. What is the best description of the layout of the page it is generally we can detail the necessary parts of the page is divided into five categories: read more

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