Henan fix the tube Gallery you use the pipe gallery


corridor plays an important role in the development of the city. After a lot of enterprises have repaired, other companies also follow up use. For this I repair the pipe gallery, you use the pipe gallery pricing issues are of concern, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

I fix the pipe gallery, you use the pipe gallery, how to price? In June 6th, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial housing department jointly issued "on the city underground pipe gallery to implement the system of paid use of the guidance", clearly pointed out that the pipe gallery use fees paid by the pipe gallery building operating unit and into the corridor pipeline units jointly negotiated, the implementation of market regulated prices. read more

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Alternative franchise translation chain

is a bridge for language learners, which promotes the cultural communication between the two countries and promotes the understanding of foreign cultures. No one would think that translation can also have a chain of business, and the network is to promote the development of the chain of translation of the premise.

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How to open a creative gift shop

believes that many people have a dream of entrepreneurial wealth, but because there is no better project has not been put into action. 2016 what are the projects? Venture to do what to make money? How to open a creative gift shop? Let us now to see the look of creative gifts franchise market? What are the business?

1, creative gift market, how about


different creative gifts are different emotional expression, creative gift itself is precious, is unique, is tailored. Creative gift is the carrier of emotion, is the bridge of communication between people. Creative gift is more intimate than the general gift, can express feelings. Creative gift is specially designed for the gift giver, is the integration of the ideological and emotional. Creative gift, that is, the idea into the middle of the gift, gift selection, as well as gifts sent in the entire process. Make the whole process more beautiful, more meaningful. The most important thing is to give each other a deep impression, the other party will remember you. read more

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How much do you need for Sam Burger

Hamburg in China’s development should be regarded as an influential brand to join the project, the Chinese market, there are many Hamburg brand investment projects, which is a very good investment brand. Sam from southern California authentic hamburger technology, after years of local practice, to create a line with the Chinese taste of hamburgers contain cuisine, delicious fried chicken fort, fragrant roast leg fort, nutritious and delicious crispy chicken fort aftertaste, eat a hundred tire. Sam will bring the authentic American hamburger to China, to share the delicious food in the sun, at the Sam burger. read more

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Cosmetics stores how to do the decoration

now the entire beauty industry, cosmetics shop business is very hot, at the same time, there are a lot of people in the social life for the cosmetics demand is very big, now open a cosmetics shop, the decoration design is very important.

A, store decoration design to form and surroundings is consistent, must not to break the taboo harmony environment, its shape and style must be unified with the surroundings, the theme should be in line with their business philosophy, to clear the rich layering and charm. read more

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How much does it cost to open a soup shop

want to make money shop you, find their own entrepreneurial projects? How much does it cost to open a soup shop? Open a steaming soup hall, in addition to master the necessary steaming soup technology, but also need a certain amount of money. Take a store for 40 square meters of steaming soup hall, the initial investment is about $30 thousand, basically used in the following areas.

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How to carry out anti drug Haicang District

drug is huge for human health in the society, for many people’s health caused great damage, leading to a lot of people had cleared, the destruction of the tragic situation. Xiamen, as a coastal city in China, has developed economy and developed traffic. In order to prevent the inflow of drugs, a series of measures have been adopted.

the day before yesterday afternoon, the west square city cultural arts center, the city’s 168 home entertainment representatives gathered here, the oath of "100 home entertainment Qi narcotics, Xiamen to create beautiful", a "drug free youth, healthy life" anti drug campaign staged this month. read more

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Jewelry store location know how these tips are practical

jewelry industry fire, a lot of people have the intention to open jewelry store. Although the jewelry shop is a small business, but also sloppy. For jewelry store, to maximize access to more customers, the location is very important. Jewelry shop site has the know-how, the following comments are very practical:

1. traffic is the most important: bustling streets, downtown, next to the public station can be used as jewelry store location reference.

2. with well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc.. read more

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Yuan Xu provides online games to accelerate the service to make a fortune

in the current such an information society, as long as we are good at digging, you will find that the business opportunities really exist in our lives around. Yuan Xu, a hardcore online gamers, found the opportunity to play with 100 thousand yuan to start a business, the Nuggets in the past three years. And he did this business is to provide online games to accelerate service.

The so-called

online accelerated service, a network service that meet the game player in online games, high delay login, easy dropping problem. Game players in the game to enter the first Yuan Xu’s website, the website of the network as a springboard to enter the game company’s network, and thus achieve the purpose of acceleration. Now, in addition to Yuan Xu and the country has set up a number of online games 1400 cooperation, but also with some countries in Europe and the United States to establish a network game cooperation. read more

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Shake the car out of good business

in order to let the popularity of the shop more popular, and now many stores will have a lot of children’s toys toys. Since in front of the store put a few free shook his car, Yuanan County of Hubei Province East Xin supermarket popularity was going up.

"Mom, I want to play for a while," "Mom, I’d like a drink.""……

in Dongxin supermarket door, children play in awfully shook his car, his mom and dad who ran in and out, to the lovely kids to buy snacks. To a nearby small blue sky kindergarten at school, where they became the children have fun playing paradise. The adults holding a child, then another wave of people into the parents The stream never stops flowing., the supermarket buy daily necessities. read more

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Why is it so popular

the increasingly fierce market competition, of course, the various brands in the fierce market competition in the food and beverage industry will enhance their strength from the beginning, this is one of the key points of success. Of course, in many cases of success in the restaurant we know that only have a brand advantage, can laugh last. It is noteworthy that, in the current domestic food and beverage consumer market, in line with the standards of the brand is not much. One of the most influential, it is exclusive memory barbecue bar. The advantages include brand, fashion, and dishes naming 3D scene experience, cater to the preferences of young people, irreplaceable project high income. read more

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What are the six key elements of small investors’ success

small investment has been subject to financial constraints, if you want to be successful, naturally also need to meet more factors, do more related work. In fact, if you can meet certain factors, the probability of success of small investment will be very large. So, what are the six key elements of a small investor’s success? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

small investors to achieve the success of the six elements: to choose their own projects.

should try to choose their own professional, experience, interest, expertise can hang the hook project. As the saying goes: "gehangrugeshan". This is the truth! read more

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Long run car beauty shop strategy can not be less

car as one of the most convenient travel tools now, not only to many families bring more fun, but also let the car market develop very well, it is very good for many investors and the venture investors bring more vitality, as the venture investors how to better the longer business car beauty stores is very important, here follow Xiaobian to understand it:


is now people’s living standard has greatly improved, but also for the car owners each one has its own merits attitude, always pay attention to the quality of life is the owner usually choose good quality, good effect of beauty products and services, the concept of consumption utility bigger, but there are still some pursuit of quality and effect of the owner, they usually focus on automotive beauty, therefore, for different owners, and the use of car style, to serve them. What skills do you need to sell? read more

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What are the secrets of business prosperity

for any owner, will certainly hope that the business can flourish, but in the course of the actual operation of the store, often need to master some tips. In which to do business, why do some booming, and some are desolate? Here, the author invited several booming retail customers, ask them to tell you to do business is booming, thriving cheats, maybe you can find the answer from.

retail customers: Seal Yong

thrive Cheats: size

now take some shops blossom everywhere, the village for example, some more than one in every village, many villages have three or four or more, if not to scale up, more than others, certainly will be eliminated, so, I shop to five rooms now from two rooms on the original. This will attract many customers in the consumer to me. I think that doing business, we must put up the scale, if you do not pursue growth or not to challenge the higher goals, you can not taste the joy and sense of belonging to the merchant. read more

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