Personal portal nternet milestone

The development direction of

Internet portal is diversified and personalized, the future of the Internet portal will present a variety of portal type coexist situation. And generate integrated services and search technology based on personalized, diverse, easy to use a strong personal portal, users can use such a portal to use a variety of Internet services.

with the continuous innovation of Internet technology, the Internet companies are constantly increasing and optimizing their services and products to meet the diverse and personalized needs. Because of the Internet products and services provided by enterprises and gradually enrich the integration is that there are more Internet users demand for Internet products and services, the goal is to provide a variety of services for users in order to increase the using degree and user stickiness, emphasizing the interaction with the user in products and services, to better meet the demands of the users. read more

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Reported that in 2019 the scale of China’s electricity supplier will exceed 1 trillion

sina science and technology news Beijing time on February 5th evening news, research firm Forrester Research today released a report that in 2019 China’s online retail spending will exceed $1 trillion. This is mainly due to the development of mobile applications and logistics networks, e-commerce companies to help win more new users in small cities.

industry insiders said that this is a good news for Alibaba. After the release of the latest quarterly earnings lower than expected earnings, Alibaba shares fell. Some investors worry that the impact of Alibaba investment mobile platform revenue rose. read more

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Fangwei Technology Labor Day Fangwei fun with your holiday marketing

say goodbye to the Spring Festival, on the Qingming, it may also want to come. The major shopping malls, shopping sites are ready to wear boxing rattling in the field of holiday marketing in a big, the rare holiday into a universal shopping carnival. As the field of Internet professional technical service provider, Fujian science and technology driven before the holiday period to analyze, how marketing strategy can attract the attention of consumers and wallet, and holiday marketing how to enhance corporate brand, expand sales. read more

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The food and Drug Administration food line shop without a permit for cross border electricity suppli

news August 31st, billion state power network was informed that the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued on the supervision of food related cross-border business enterprise reply.

It is reported that

, the information from the food and Drug Administration of Chongqing city food and Drug Administration of the relevant instructions, reply to the instructions.

documents pointed out that the food business platform to open cross-border electricity supplier online display (experience) shop, but the actual sales of food, do not need to apply for food business license. But the show (experience) store should be in its place of business to set up tips to remind consumers not to sell food at the scene. read more

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Analysis of the current mainstream intelligent dual line technology in China

why is there a problem of North South mutual visits


as a result of China’s current network ISP operators have China Telecom and China Netcom, both have a large number of users. There is a certain age network basically know Southern Telecom, China Netcom North ", in recent years, with the gradual growth of the Netcom Netcom users, the scale is more and more big, in many provinces and cities (Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, etc.) the user is mainly through the network through access to the Internet; and most users of the Internet by Southern Telecom Access, (now southern Netcom users slowly increased, and the connection between the bandwidth) two big network operators are limited, although both of them are increasing every year interconnection bandwidth, the speed of development of the Internet but still far behind, as a result of both north and South because of Internet users communication bottleneck of Telecom and Netcom, telecom, Netcom Netcom users access server users access telecommunications server is very slow, the general telecommunications users to access the site using the telecommunication line speed Is very fast (Ping data in dozens of MS, and the switch; and between the little) cross network access (Ping data is very slow and there are a lot of stuff in the 200MS above), which leads to a web site operator site for telecommunications or Netcom room, will be lost by the other half of the potential customers if the site is placed in the telecommunications room, it is bound to lose Netcom users; and if the site on the Netcom room, you will lose the telecom users. read more

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Domain investor’s sorrow

      yesterday opened the mail, it is strange to receive a letter, meaning that registered my domain name, want to transfer to me, the transfer fee is 999 yuan.

      original from my site hosted high-end financial portal China network, now due to various reasons. The person who wrote the letter is very humorous, registered the net and then called a low-end financial network, the name is good. This site can be closed, otherwise the company will ask me to redeem the domain name. read more

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Alleged keyword search Google accused of infringement

The reason

Anna Carolina textile is charged during the period from September 2009 to October, Carolina textile promotion on its website in the process of using Google PPC, false propaganda "fuanna products 1 fold, however, when consumers click on the link page, open the electronic commerce website is the website of the Carolina textile, sales is only Luolai the product. Fuanna that Carolina textile infringed its trademark patent, then filed a lawsuit to the Haidian court.

                fuanna accused Roley of textile rogue link read more

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On the use of consumer demand for e commerce and profit

with the rapid development of Internet, electronic commerce is becoming more and more explosive growth; never "net" of traditional companies also began to get involved in this industry, in the hope they can promote their own company performance more clear with this e-commerce tide; and for a company to carry out business expansion, e-commerce is a relatively low-cost way, and stronger penetration ability.

is now almost all of the enterprises have began to prepare to do or have in the electronic commerce, and very clear is few; many people go seems to be just a spectator, only standing on the sidelines of the job. Look at some giants with huge capital to hit advertising, drainage, they can only feel powerless and frustrated, that is how sad ah. But then again, not every success in the field of electronic commerce are large companies, on the contrary there are some strength is not particularly strong in small and medium-sized enterprises also achieved success, even many large enterprises have been playing e-commerce covered all over with cuts and bruises. read more

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Airbnb how to travel from 3 people to the global short rental Empire

enrichment view

Airbnb: air accommodation (Air Bed and Breakfast). An accommodation across 30 thousand city, serving the global hostel booking platform. Hold on to the pain points of the travel community, through 600 thousand different homes, apartments, tree houses, cabins, castles, ice huts, and everything else you can imagine.

also show the social circle, those meaningless, immutable and frozen hotel? Do you feel shy, too not to force the grid. As the forefront of the trend in the people, has long been ignored in these traditional tourist accommodation. For them or the world, what is really needed is a new travel experience, while the desire to have a personality, creative travel experience. read more

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Fuanna 11 fictitious experts said the alleged price gouging counter price


fuanna official flagship store marked discounted benchmark price — counter price, no trace. Experts pointed out that the fictitious "fuanna counter price", equivalent to the original fiction, alleged price gouging.

online product store no price comparison with the same basis

fuanna fiction "counter price" suspected of price fraud

"double 11" on the same day, the famous brand fuanna to counter price as a benchmark, to the "double 11 Carnival price" as a temptation, through a substantial price difference to attract people crazy bargain, contributed to the Tmall sales amounted to 128 million yuan, ranking the top three textile products. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that Tmall fuanna official flagship store marked discounted benchmark price — counter price, no trace. Experts pointed out that the fictitious "fuanna counter price", equivalent to the original fiction, alleged price gouging. read more

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