The secret of enterprise generation operation

has always been suggested that you do not look for the generation of operating companies, only companies themselves to participate in, and put in time, energy and emotion, is the real Internet marketing. If you don’t invest your time, energy and emotion, then internet marketing must not be good. Guard Yuan Kun today and talk about the operation on behalf of that thing.

Internet development is very fast, and some new nouns appear, so that more and more enterprises and individuals keen on network marketing, we must do electricity supplier. However, most enterprises do not have professional network marketing, electricity supplier operators, no budget to establish their own network marketing team, so looking for generation operators became a necessity. read more

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Thinking behind the attack gate of Baidu

early in the morning in January 12, 2010, the webmaster circle is boiling up. No matter which webmaster group, no matter which webmaster BBS, discuss the most exciting thing is "Baidu is black" information. A5 on the home page, full page full page is about About Baidu. So far, the cause of this incident is still a mystery, although many speculations, but different views, Baidu official did not give specific instructions, everyone is waiting.

although many webmaster just know Baidu is black information appeared very happy, because the usual Baidu "arrogance", a lot of personal website unprovoked K, caused great dissatisfaction with the webmaster. But as Baidu was black, for more than 4 hours can not access, the webmaster also worried, after all, there are many web sites is to get traffic through Baidu, Baidu and personal website is closely related, interdependent. read more

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What else can we do on the mobile site


today and a recent Internet online chat, not long ago is 7 ministries jointly rectifying the Internet, a few days ago and is the major site of CCTV disclosure information, feeling state of Internet supervision this piece may be entered into a new stage. Think about your own corner of the mobile phone Park, if the real regulation, the risk is still relatively large. Mobile content is nothing more than games, e-books, software, themes, pictures, ringtones, and videos. Pictures and video things, it is difficult to control the content, I have not dared to move, and remove these two parts, all involved. read more

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Website analysis ten ask top about website goal strategy and user

hasn’t updated the blog in the past half a year, either because of busy and two because of laziness. I think it’s a very happy thing to have some things of my own when I’m out of work, and to keep it up. I will continue to update my blog in 2012. Blogging has two benefits for me: 1. Help me think. Every process of writing is also a process of thinking. A lot of things are easy to talk about, but once you have written it down, you will find there are still many problems that you do not want to understand. 2 record my thoughts and thoughts. Whether they are right or wrong. He who makes mistakes makes progress. read more

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Raise public insurance products ndiegogo large test failure compensation

[Abstract] if the item company fails to deliver the product within three months of the date of acceptance, Indiegogo will pay for it.


technology news with Kickstarter and Indiegogo as the representative of the Internet to raise public website, has become an important source of funds, the global Internet and technology innovation but not all financing commitments will become a reality, there are bad acts, fraud by the name of innovation of science and technology.

days ago, Indiegogo launched a new service – to raise public insurance. If Finance Companies’s technology products are delayed or proved to be fraud, the company will compensate investors for their funds. read more

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The station master is one step by step like this

in 2007 a friend introduced me to join the ranks of the webmaster, one day a friend said to me the SEO website to be able to make money, I began to learn it, do a Ruijin information port, known as Ruijin’s largest local portal, that excited ah, want to for a long time ago to do a website, just prior to this website things do not understand you didn’t dare to start, think do investment 1, 2W RMB, has made the website after I found that there are 80 yuan can do a website. The reason that website owners is such a step by step into practice is because of this, to do so, to update the site every day have a good return unremittingly, of course, this is just a little idea of my own. read more

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Webmasters still need to learn more about basics

old article, wrote the "four stages" webmaster, it should be said that I personally do a typical miniature station so several years of course, I think the webmaster editor will add such as slides as the site of the recommended reading the article, I dare not say that my literary talent is good, but at least it should be a review process for many webmaster, let everyone see their past, also can imagine their future.

article I mentioned my personal second stages: the second stage: hard work, making ". Here, there is more than necessary to say, I university is marketing, and I have learned some programming, but always oneself is not engaged in the process of that piece of material, so gave up learning programming. But, what I want to say is, the website now, oneself write the stationmaster of the program already very little, the stationmaster of big part is using CMS, because CMS., so have some of my today’s idea ——– read more

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Send novice if you want to succeed in the nternet

mixed Internet industry for several years, has not been a good location for themselves, has been confused looking for themselves. Not long ago I have recognized several peers, and had a small party, through our conversation to understand, it fills me with more confidence in the future of Wangzhuan career. They are full-time webmaster, do Wangzhuan, have done, and are relatively good, ashamed to say, are better than me. Through understanding, we have a lot of feelings with each other, and learn a lot from them, especially the ideological changes. read more

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Small and medium sized Adsense to realize the profit of my view

from last year the small owners in this area for nearly a year, during the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only their own can truly realize. From knowing to buy books to learn web design, website to modify the program, website SEO, and then to try to profit and so on, do not know in the end to see many articles, ask how many counterparts. To sum up, so far, even their initial investment (buy domain name, space, books etc.) didn’t make up, and spend a lot of time and effort, sometimes I really want to give up, but the heart and unwilling to see some friends of the station a month can earn hundreds of thousands, once again time to play, continue to fight. read more

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What is the use of writing soft

do not write soft Wen, Baidu can also included

now a lot of people to write soft Wen promotion of their station, for the hope is more than a weight link, I hope Baidu can see, faster included. In fact, we don’t write soft Wen, also can let Baidu see, also can let Baidu included our.

my movie station is like this, when I went to just get started with Links, use Baidu Search Links good, those are Links platform, I will add their link, then every day to several times, can take on their website to find the platform signature, of course need to find a PR or Baidu snapshot NEW link platform, do a little every day, slowly, Baidu will be included. read more

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