Mike Lutmer, July 25

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It has been hot and steamy. We just baled some hay the other day and it had only laid two days and baled just fine. The ground where we are baling is really dry. West of us has gotten rain, south of us has gotten rain and we haven’t had any more than a few drops. It has been at least three weeks since we really had a good rain.I have some crops that really look good but it’s not going to be pretty if we don’t get some rain this week. The corn is just getting pollinating. Some of the later corn is just starting to shoot tassels and all of the beans are blooming. The double-crops look alright and little bit of rain would go a long way right now. There is a 30% to 40% chance today and another chance late in the week.Up in South Charleston, I heard they got five inches in 45 minutes last week. It sounded awful, but the crops were not too badly damaged. We don’t need a rain like that.We are trying to get the second cutting hay finished and go from there. It has been pretty favorable for making hay. Second cutting is starting to get a little thin because we haven’t been getting the rain. The stuff we made on Saturday, though, was beautiful.As a whole everything looks pretty good. We just need some rain. The corn looks decent and the beans are coming along. All of the wheat is done and the straw is all but baled around here. There was a good amount of straw, but it remains to be seen how long it will last. There has been a shortage of straw the last couple of years because it has been so wet. There are a lot of bales this year and the quality seems pretty good.last_img