ID Film Takes Hollywood

first_imgGrauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard is a top tourist attraction in Tinseltown.  It features dozens of handprints of famous movie and TV stars, from Lucille Ball and Bill Cosby to Mickey Mouse.  This venue of many a blockbuster and glitzy opening night seemed hardly a place for naturalistic cosmology to take a thrashing, but Saturday morning, The Privileged Planet made Hollywood history.  Shown as part of the American Renaissance Film Festival, an event dedicated to positive-values films, it was a smash.    About 200 people – a good turnout for a rainy Saturday morning – attended the screening and gave it a hearty round of applause at the end.  One visitor was overheard during his long, loud clapping telling his neighbor, “That was good.”  An editor for a DVD Club who had flown in from Washington DC for the festival was heard to comment that this film was “one of the most powerful and important documentaries ever made.”  Feedback was outstanding, the producer said.Now you can advertise this film as the one shown at the Smithsonian (06/09/2005) and on Hollywood Boulevard.  The Privileged Planet is a keeper.  The visuals, the original music by Mark Lewis, the narration by John Rhys Davies, and the content are all exceptional; it has “quality” stamped all over it, and the message is equal to the production excellence.  It covers a tremendous amount of interesting and important scientific, historical and philosophical material in just 60 minutes without feeling rushed or overly technical.  The speakers, mostly PhD scientists with strong credentials, including Paul Davies, Robert Jastrow and Donald Brownlee (principal scientist for the just-landed Stardust mission) are unimpeachable.  This film will make an impression – get it and pass it around.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img