Inconnu takes part in Canadian Western Championships

first_imgWe have a couple of smaller but important meets coming up for our club. The national competitions will continue in June and July so we’ll be taking what we learned from here and getting ready for that. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Speedo Western Canadian Championships brings together a great mix of Canada’s senior, youth and junior swimmers from across Western Canada. Alexandria Hedges, Eric Louie, and Griffin Ternier-Smith swam in the four-day event at the Kinsmen Centre in Edmonton, A.B. These meets are good to show us where we’re at in personal times. Sometimes we hit it perfectly and sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board and tweak. We have a lot of season left. The competition was fierce with many of Canada’s top swimmers coming from Canadian Trials last weekend. Alexandria Hedges swam 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 50 butterfly. Eric Louie had 4 events; 50 breaststroke, 100 breaststroke, 50 butterfly, and 100 butterfly. Griffin Ternier-Smith competed in 4 freestyle events: 50, 100, 200, and 400 freestyle.  – Advertisement – A great end to the weekend was Alexandria’s 50 freestyle on Sunday night where she touched the wall third out of 10 women and snagged a bronze medal! ‘The race is so fast it’s hard to see what’s going on until the water settles and you look up at the clock,’ Coach Norah Vogan explained. ‘The entire race is usually decided within hundredths of a second (0.01) so every move counts’. But, Alexandria works well under pressure and she proved that earlier in the weekend when she tied for 10th place in her 50 butterfly. In the case of a 10th place tie, there has to be a swim-off to decide who gets to be in the final and get a shot at a medal. Alex was incredibly calm, went in aggressively, and won the tiebreaker decisively! She wanted it and got it. Eric Louie had a difficult meet with his 4 races being in two days and placed back-to-back on both days. ‘Both times Eric raced he jumped out, circled back, and raced again. It was not an ideal schedule for anyone,’ said Vogan. Despite the tough situation, Eric bested his 100 breaststroke time and moved his position from 9th to 6th place. It’s frustrating and challenging but Eric did well with it. He made finals in three of the four events and swam gutsy.Griffin Ternier-Smith did a great job with continuing to drop time in his freestyle events. Griffin is a fun swimmer to watch race. He’s relaxed, knows what he needs, and keeps chipping away at those times.last_img