Bartica in need of nursing school

first_imgDear Editor,Over one hundred residents, young people in particular, are calling on the A Partnership for National Unity /Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government for the establishment of a nursing school in Bartica, Region Seven, to support this recently-commissioned town and its environs.Parents and nursing students have disclosed the difficulty faced in having to travel outside of Bartica to attend nursing school in other regions and the high cost associated with the rental of apartments, food, transportation, and utilities among other obligations.On numerous occasions, members of the Government, and even President David Granger himself, would have visited Bartica and promised to upgrade, improve, and develop Bartica following its township status.After numerous requests by residents of Bartica, the Bartica United Youth Development Group (BUYDG) makes representation on their behalf to have the Government develop this facility soon.Under the last Administration, BUYDG had made requests for the improvement of the health sector in Bartica. Deficiencies in the system included the shortage of medication and the absence of an ambulance at Bartica Hospital among other issues.The current Government has managed to address some of these matters, and the sector itself has seen some expansion, which now increases the demand for more nurses to be included within the town’s health sector.Young people who recently completed secondary school in Region Seven and are leaning toward the health profession are loudest in their calls for the nursing school, since they know they would have to seek the training outside of Bartica.BUYDG fully supports the residents’ request for the establishment of the nursing school in Bartica. With the expansion of the town, its rise to becoming a green location with high economic and social prospects, the need for better health care is paramount; a nursing school is just an investment in that direction.The BUYDG will be seeking an engagement with the relevant Government agency, and we trust that there will be full support for this absolutely necessary facility.Region Seven is well known for its mining contributions to the nation and is seeking this advantage toward improving the health sector in the Region.We see great potential with this nursing school and look forward to Government’s support of this project.Yours faithfully,Micah WilliamsGeneral PresidentBartica United YouthDevelopment Grouplast_img