Van Dijk: “I haven’t seen a game of mine since I was 18 or 19 years old”

first_imgLiverpool defender Virgil van Dijk gave an interview to the Liverpool website in which he explained how Liverpool footballers live and train during confinement. The Dutch center-back, who acts as a locker room leader with Henderson, confessed that he has not seen a game of his on television since he was 18 or 19 years old. Situation during confinement: “Obviously it’s been very surreal, kind of crazy. You’ve never experienced things like this before, you see this kind of thing on TV shows or movies, things you never face. The most important thing is everyone’s safety, that’s the main thing. “Way of training: “Yes, it is totally different. The body feels different and the mentality also. This period, along with the Christmas period, is the busiest and hardest period, also mentally, of the season. Now you have no idea what It could happen, you stay home and relax, you do other things, you play other games instead of soccer … It’s a totally different mindset. You’re not in the mood to play soccer. Obviously you miss it but there’s no waiting the right time to go out again. “ 4center_img Group sessions: “The fitness department tried to set up some sessions that we can all do together through a video call and I think it’s a good idea to get back together and see each other, see each other again. Other than that, you just run and try to do at least something every day. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do a harder session to give the body what it needs because it can get lost quickly if nothing is done for a long time. It was fun. I need more yoga. It was good to see us again We also had a brief meeting with the boss, listening to him and what he had to say. Those kinds of things also help because everyone is in uncertainty right now, nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen. But those sessions help. “Acting as captain: “These things should happen naturally, but I talk to certain guys, as I always do during the season. The same goes for the boys in the team. I try to keep in touch with them because we are all in the same situation.”Whatsapp group: “Group chat is pretty lively. It says a lot about our team, everyone is part of it, no one is afraid to say something or try to be funny.”Consequences of coronavirus: “You have to be very patient, do the right thing, and stay home. We will all get through this if we do the right thing. I don’t mean to remove the positives from this because there are still too many negatives; there are many people dying and it is horrible. Follow the rules. , the restrictions established by the governments of every country in the world. That is the only way to overcome this, and we will do it. I do not doubt that at all. “You have not seen a game of yours from the age of 18 or 19: “I don’t watch too much football. Especially since this season, I haven’t seen any games, if I’m honest. I don’t know why. I only saw a game of mine when I played one of my first meetings with the Netherlands, when I played as a right back. I couldn’t believe what I was doing at the time! I saw that comeback match because I was 18 or 19 at the time and haven’t seen them since. I miss watching football and playing, but I think it’s a little difficult. I didn’t see none of Liverpool’s games this year, I’ve seen a couple of moments, but other than that, nothing. “last_img