Former President Miguel Archanco involves Thebes in a plot to descend to Osasuna

first_imgThe one who was president of Osasuna between 2012 and 2014 Miguel Archanco, has affirmed that the club “has not rigged matches, nor has it paid amounts to players from other clubs” for that purpose and that “the only time” they paid was because a third party, Betis, won against Valladolid in 2014, since it favored interest for that the Navarrese team could remain in First Division. Away from the Vizcay demonstrations, alluding to love affairs by the Navarrese entity under Archando’s mandate, This one totally changed the version and referred to an alleged plot between Valladolid and Granada to induce the decline of the Pamplonians:“We descended Betis, Valladolid and us, and Granada was saved because it won zero to one and Valladolid scored a goal in its own goal at the end of the first half”, The former Osasunista president opened.-What went wrong those last two days that hurt Osasuna?The question at the trial by the prosecutor had a quick response from the ex-president: “The agreements between Granada and Valladolid”– Were there agreements?And Archanco threw the bomb: “Look at the emails that cross Carlos Suárez (former president of Real Valladolid), Mr. Tebas and the president of Granada (Quique Pina) …”. In addition, the former ‘rojillo’ said that certain outflows of money he knows from that stage were due to the payment of Osasuna players’ premiums, and the payment of signings for example, Sporting de Gijón or the University of Chile.Archanco pronounced himself this Tuesday at the second session of the trial in the Osasuna case, after this Tuesday former manager Angel Vizcay acknowledged that there were several outflows of money to pay for match fixing or bonuses to third teams to try to achieve the salvation of Osasuna in the First Division.The prosecutor asked Archanco about the money outflows that occurred in May 2013, which occurred, according to Vizcay, for the match-fixing, about what the former president has indicated that his signature does not appear and that sometimes “decisions were taken behind him.”Yes, he affirmed that before the possibility of losing the category, in 2014 the option of paying a bonus to Betis players to win against Valladolid was explored, considering that paying to win was not “predetermining the result”. Archanco has acknowledged that a payment of 400,000 euros was authorized for that game and has assured that it was Vizcay who made the “voluntary” efforts. “I didn’t order anything,” he said.last_img