first_imgEvery day it seems you read about another major mistake made by officials in the interpretation of the rules of the game.  From the roughing of the kicker that was not called in an NFL game to a major error in the WNBA finals, and the seemingly parade of calls going to the replay booth, the games become more rule interpretations rather than game play.  What is happening with the officials calling today’s games?  I think there are few good answers.First of all, long-time officials have huge egos and they think they never make a mistake.  Also, the speed of the game keeps increasing and the age of the officials keeps going up.  This in itself is not good.  Part of these interpretations come from constant rule changes.  Players don’t know what they can do and officials are not sure how to make the calls.There is a constant parade of rule changes.  Who could keep up with it?last_img