Rescued owl ‘too fat to fly’ – sanctuary

first_imgThis owl is put on a “strict diet” to lose 20 to 30 grams. SUFFOLK OWL SANCTUARY When staff examined the little owl (Athene noctua), they found it to be“simply extremely obese” and “unable to fly effectively” as a result. The owl was put on a “strict diet” toslim down from its 245 grams to a more “natural weight” and has been releasedback to the wild, the sanctuary said. The sanctuary said it was “extremelyunusual for wild birds to get into this condition naturally.” “We may see her again – we hope not,”said Samkin. “Hopefully, she’s learnt to keep her weight in trim so she canescape any predators or being picked up.” (BBC) Head falconer Rufus Samkin said, “Whereshe was found is very productive land, and it’s been a mild winter and there’sa lot of food around – voles, mice. “We think she’s just done incredibly wellfor herself and overindulged.” AN owl rescued from a ditch and thoughtto be injured was in fact just too fat to fly, a bird rescue center said. The sanctuary, based in Stonham Aspal,said when the bird was weighed, it was roughly three times heavier than theywould expect a large healthy female little owl to be. He said the owl lost between 20 to 30 gramsover a couple of weeks while staff monitored its food intake. Suffolk Owl Sanctuary said the “soggy”bird was brought in by a landowner.last_img