What kind of entrepreneurial projects are most suitable for college students

now students have to choose entrepreneurship to open their own road to success, so you can think fast success, but must choose the direction in the choice, otherwise it will be less effective!

"business and employment is a reason, do not love their work, never do well." College students in the early stages of entrepreneurship can choose some of the lower threshold of the project, after digging into the first pot of gold, not only the accumulation of capital, but also the accumulation of experience, then the transfer is not late. read more

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Shanghai planetarium to lead people to explore the mysteries of the universe

vast universe is always desirable, along with the development of China’s space technology, the mysterious veil of the universe is constantly being opened, leading people to explore the mysteries of the universe. The development of the astronomical industry is very fast, many places have set up a professional planetarium, Shanghai planetarium officially started, so that the people of Shanghai to close to the stars.

who said that the steel cement in the city, can not look up to the sky? Into the world’s top planetarium, open the infinite galaxy of the universe, in Shanghai is not a dream! As the world’s largest planetarium building area — Shanghai planetarium started, innovation center construction and innovation of BizArt Shanghai science, will form a gold "big triangle" — to the Museum of science and technology to explore new technology, go to the museum since 2020 after the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, deep secret Astronomical Museum universe, will become an international metropolis "life science" the perfect combination of. read more

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What need to pay attention to open chain hotel

we usually travel to do things, to live in the hotel, go out to travel to stay in the hotel, the hotel market is also very hot. A lot of people all know, at present hotel of the chain joins in the industry to have good development foreground, say specific management, chain hotel joins in how? What are the major factors that affect the operation of franchise stores?

A, health and safety is a top priority of the hotel. Safety in production is the most important task, we must put safety in the first place; there is no security there is nothing, not to mention economic benefits. Operators only pay attention to the restaurant decoration and grade, and sometimes ignore the health requirements. Food hygiene is also very important, can not relax at all times, we must strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations, to the customer’s diet health! Personal hygiene can not be ignored, the staff of the hotel is the highlight of our hotel, but also to establish the basis of the internal image of the hotel, good personal hygiene is also the embodiment of professional ethics. read more

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What the whole join Feimao facet

in the face of the past on the classic quotations to eat, small business choice to join the catering industry, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities is not it? Small fat cat? Good business opportunities in the market, no worries! Small business to choose the fat cat facet is the election of the project!

delicious can let people eat not tire 100, eat more love, warmly welcomed in the catering market small fat cat. Join the small good? Fat food to join together eight facets, into the characteristics of a noodle industry classic, by virtue of strength toughness noodles, out of the ordinary taste, delicious soup, different flavor but also to eat the consumer experience to China’s broad and profound diet culture, consumers get the high praise, repeat is almost 100%. read more

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What do you think of the 7 day of the national day of the spread to earn a profit of 500 thousand

Tianya forum in Chongqing, the emergence of a title for the letter? National Day 7 day stall earned a post of 500 thousand, attracted many users hot.

bonusgiven network called "dawn – Garbage brick house, post time is 22:14 on October 8th. In the bottom of the title of the text, there is only one word, such as false replacement false penalty ten". To 3 yesterday afternoon, users click rate has more than 5000 times, reply to several of the ten. In the face of questions and questions, the author said he sold a couple loaded. read more

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How about opening a home 99ok

clothing as a necessity of people’s lives, in the market has a high demand, the apparel industry has a lot of room for development. In particular, the demand for women’s clothing is very large, because women in pursuit of fashion apparel, clothing for faster. Do business open fashion women’s clothing store, has a good prospect.

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Let the enterprise involved in Entrepreneurship help more flexible and more able to control

nearly two years, China’s job market situation is not optimistic. The same is true of venture capital market. Although China has launched a number of entrepreneurial support policies, but in the face of the vagaries of the market, there will be a sense of difficulty.

"in today’s employment situation is grim, many college students because of lack of experience and experience, caused by failure." In January 27th, the provincial CPPCC members, Henan Deyu supermarket chain Limited company chairman Zhang Deyu said in an interview with reporters. read more

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