The small end Gilt Taste’s death food business grave Revelation


in China, and has been a popular fresh food e-commerce business areas, almost all of the electricity supplier giants and traditional industry giants will enter the fresh food area, preferably downwind originally life network in different areas to do fast, but from the real success is still far away, in foreign FreshDirect (fresh direct) PeaPodRelayFoodsOcado (Okedo AmazonFresh) and other fresh giants are doing well, but does not mean that this area will be very easy, no matter at home and abroad there are many classic cases of failure, another "the earlier horse brother gene or thinking? A fresh electricity supplier dead" has analyzed the case of China, and today is a a classic foreign high-end food business failures -Gilt Taste read more

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Webmaster where do you go stick or give up

remember in April, that is, at the time of boredom on the QQ, suddenly met the site of the net friend. As for the site out of curiosity, but on what is called "higher" have deep feelings, so according to the bottle gourd picture what.. No, I don’t remember.. Bought this < website construction three musketeers > "web language foundation"…. Learned a lot.. Strive。。 Try again… Do not understand, ask the net friend.. In short.. On the construction site and the "higher" curiosity, finally… In April 29th, he built his first web site, because he learned the computer network of the netizen, and also made a computer network…, for website construction, I am a layman! Can build this network, a lot of friends and friends say, like you, this network is also a website… My face was red at that time… What method is there? Just hope the old stationmaster of broad website can extend friendly support to me… Instead of giving me a bucket of water on my head!!! read more

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Video SNS web games and other four types of sites the risk of bankruptcy is great

"there are a few romantic, there are a few fold fall" – – Hongkong’s former financial secretary Liang Jinsong used an allusion to the investment field has been very popular in the venture site, this sentence has become a suitable portrayal. Recently, 99 music network and Home Furnishing supplies shopping network take Home Furnishing network failures, due to the closure of the site, the venture capital investment will lose everything.

investors show reason

recently, Li Jiacheng Hutchison Whampoa  announced the suspension of the new global investment, before next year, all has not carried out or not bear the expenses will be saved, and all existing investment projects to make review and review, previously, the Sequoia Fund throws a sentence: "before we use the money, cash flow is still not what up, then it would not reach out to us for money!" read more

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Review and reflection after famous blog

has made his own blog a celebrity, something that all bloggers want. Ever since the day the blog was founded, bloggers have been fantasizing about when they can make a real name for themselves. Most of the time, though, it’s just a matter of thinking about it. After all, it’s not as easy to build a successful blogger, but there are also many uncontrollable factors.

although it is not a simple thing to build a famous blog, there are still many famous people who can learn from it. These days, I have been observing and learning some famous blog, and found that there are still traces of success behind me. Today, Song Congming will come and discuss the success of these famous names: read more

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Operation ideas and common problems of film collecting station

nothing to do today, talk about ideas for the operation of movie collection station. Little brother do stand six months, always have the following confusion, I do not know whether you have custody, and see me carefully.

initially do film collection station, interest dictates, see other people weight 7,8, every day accounted for thousands of blocks, that is envy, jealousy, hate, so immediately buy VPS, domain name, installed procedures, engage in collection, do film collection station. Collect updates every day, and then wait list, do not stop looking at IP traffic. I believe many friends are like me. But after a while, there was no traffic at all. I just found out. The Internet Movie Collection Station innumerable such content, repeat what you ask in a complete mess, breaking off the lead out the siege of read more

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The main problems faced by the public opinion monitoring work of the government

in recent years, various types of network public opinion events are frequent, has attracted national attention in the work of the network of public opinion. In the 12th Five-Year plan, it has been clear that government units at all levels should strengthen the construction of monitoring and management of online public opinion.

through the visit to some government units, we found that all units in public opinion work prevalent in the following situations:

(public opinion) is not scientific enough to understand read more

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Buy network Groupon mode money making no competition business model analysis

Groupon network group purchase money without mode competition, do not know this title will not be provoked into you again like a swarm of bees Groupon model group purchase website, have seen the incomplete statistics, said that the current domestic such website has risen to more than 400, of course, the data so far, the number of positive or infinite increase in principle to multiply.

remember in May 29th at Li Kaifu webmaster general assembly, the teacher talked about the Groupon model, and this is not good, the reason is the development prospect will reach a bottleneck, also does not favor VC and similar sites, it was the first time I heard about Groupon model of group purchase website, not seriously, because do not understand, so I listen to and. read more

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Foreign trade website construction details determine success or failure

SOHO do foreign trade company in Fujian Province, mostly because there are Putian and Jinjiang foreign trade personnel accounted for more than 80%, a lot of small foreign trade companies have their own websites, but some operation is not very smooth, or the utilization rate and the conversion rate is not very high for what we analyze some problems from early to late:

1 foreign trade website domain name problem

domain name is nothing to say: a fee, foreign purchase price is probably around 5$, domestic registration price of 40-70 yuan, ranging from 60 read more

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As webmaster also need hype

online selling things, speculation seems to be very popular. But, is every speculation good results? What are the hype techniques worth our learning? Today, I analyze a few cases to see if we can give you a touch.

"Taobao mosquito man" became popular these days. His way is simple – sell what you think is incredible. 6 yuan a dead mosquitoes, and seriously how to fight mosquitoes, how to pay the cost. This news, immediately or unintentionally spread to the major sites, especially to spread to the end of the world, mop and other super community. He became famous. More than 100 people looking for him, to advertise in his Taobao shop, there are several companies to ask him to do planning director, annual salary of hundreds of thousands of companies. More traditional media reporters, downstairs, to interview. read more

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Build my English website quickly

  with the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop foreign market and internationalization of electronic commerce, have higher requirements for the related websites, the establishment of an international and multilingual website for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and grassroots webmaster bloated. Here’s a simple way to quickly build an English version of your site.
; read more

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