You too can own this intricately detailed customizable TARDIS PC

first_imgCase mods are a tried-and-true form of personalization and expression, though they’re usually of the do-it-yourself variety. If you’re a Doctor Who fan and not entirely inclined to do things yourself, Scan Computers has the perfect desktop for you. The best part if that you won’t have to do much other than spend some money and plug a few things in.The computer sports a 3.1GHz Intel Pentium G2120 dual-core processor, a Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 motherboard with an Intel H61 chipset, 8GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM running at 1600MHz, and a 500GB Western Digital hard drive. The TARDIS box also features a Sony Blu-ray writer, a 300W BN133 SFX Micro-ATX power supply, and Microsoft Windows 7 Premium 64-bit.The TARDIS computer starts at around $1500 (£935.99). However, if the guts under the hood don’t do it for you, you can configure the box before you buy it… and make as many jokes as you like along the way about it being bigger on the inside.The computer is actually highly customizable, and you can add some pretty fancy bits should your wallet allow it, such as SSDs of various sizes, or a graphics card (though the available cards aren’t too impressive).The case is built of over 45 pieces of brushed aluminum and it’s spot-on accurate — the color of the TARDIS is the correct blue and the decals and stickers mirror the ones on the iconic spaceship. Unfortunately, the case is the most expensive part of the rig, but can you put a price on true fandom?More at Scan Computerslast_img read more

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