LikeBelt offers up a unique way to check in on Facebook

first_imgWe promise that the hilarious video posted above isn’t a spoof. We called and verified that the LikeBelt is an actual working device. Created by Pittsburgh based Deeplocal, the LikeBelt is an NFC enabled belt buckle linked to an Android device allowing you to check in via Facebook in a rather unique way. It’s probably a good thing that the device is an NFC research product and not something that is coming to the mass-market. It wouldn’t be a good thing to have a city full of people trying to connect via their LikeBelts in public.Known for its creative marketing campaigns, Deeplocal is a spin-off lab/studio of Carnegie Mellon University. Students attending the same classes decided to create a company to continue working with robotics and technology in novel ways. The crew at the studio achieved popularity through its partnership with Nike in creating the “ChalkBot,” a robotic chalk sprayer that was put into service during the Tour de France two years ago. Part of the global Livestrong campaign, ChalkBot traveled the route of the Tour de France spraying messages of hope directly on the course in yellow chalk to help raise awareness of the fight against cancer. Users were able to submit messages via Twitter or email, which were then relayed to the robot and printed on the road. Applying the creative genius shown in the ChalkBot project, the group wanted to experiment with mobile NFC check-in services, hence the birth of the LikeBelt project. Using a Samsung Galaxy S, the engineers on the team simply rerouted the NFC leads in the phone and connected them to a NFC reader that was installed in the belt buckle of the device. Using specially printed NFC check-in points, a user simply has to place the belt buckle in close proximity twice in succession to activate the desired response using an app that was written specifically for the device. As demonstrated in the video, you can use LikeBelt to check-in at your favorite coffee shop or to add a friend on Facebook.For our female readers that may be wondering who the first model in the video may be, his name is Patrick “Hollywood” “Lady-Killer” Miller (pictured above), an engineer for Deeplocal and the star of many of the demo videos the studio has created. Read more at Deeplocal’s site.last_img read more

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