Racism ignites in Cyprus

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Turkish Cypriot newspapers yesterday refered to the issues of “escalating racism in the south” part of Cyprus, as they describe the demonstration held the night before last in Larnaka by the right wing National People’s Front (ELAM).“Turkish flags are hung even on preachers’ lecterns. The flag is everywhere here. Except in our underpants. Even the name of our national radio and television is Bayrak (Flag)”.Kibris, the only paper which covered the issue yesterday, refers to ELAM’s demonstration under the banner front-page title Night of shame and writes that the police of the Republic of Cyprus are accused of “turning a blind eye” to the “fascist demonstration of racist ELAM organization in Larnaka”.Gunes covers the issue under the front-page title Racism escalates in the south, the Turkish enemy ELAM organization made a show of power.Under the banner front-page title They are being organized, Halkin Sesi reports: “ELAM, which started racist attacks in the south, held an activity in Larnaka. Even the Greek Cypriot press used titles such as ‘night of shame’.” Yeni Volkan reports that the members of ELAM shouted slogans such as Cyprus is Greek, Turks out of Cyprus.Under the title Why are you amazed gentlemen? Sener Levent said he read the news published in Kibris in order to understand how fascism has come back from the dead in the government-controlled areas of Cyprus, but he could not understand it, because there was nothing extraordinary as the same things happen in the occupied areas of Cyprus as well. He points out, inter alia, the following:“…We have been used to these pictures for many years now in the north. If the Greek Cypriot side started these things only recently and entered into this climate only recently, it means that it lagged far behind us.It is said that huge Greek flags were carried during the march in Larnaka.”“So, if Turkish flags are carried here why should they not carry Greek flags? Do those who put a gigantic flag on the mountains that can be seen from every house in Lefkosia, have the nerve to condemn the Greek Cypriot young people because they held a demonstration with Greek flags? If a demonstration with Greek flags in the south is racism and fascism, then what should be said for those in the north who go to bed and wake up with the Turkish flag?” He went on to write that “absolutely nothing is done in the north without the Turkish flag.”“Turkish flags are hung even on preachers’ lecterns. The flag is everywhere here. Except in our underpants. Even the name of our national radio and television is Bayrak (Flag)”. Levent went on to write that while a march a few days ago was full of the Turkish flags as well as with there were people on horsebacks. They held huge Turkish flags in their hands. “Very well, why has not the newspaper, which used the headline ‘fascism has come back from the dead in the south’, used the same headline for the news regarding our young people as well?”The Greek Cypriot young people were dressed in black shirts as were young people who are members of the National People’s Movement. He asks, “Is it ok when the Turkish young people dress in black and go out in the streets and when the Greek young people do the same they are fascists?”He condemned the ultra nationlists of the South as much as the North saying “The actual issue is to be able to oppose both of them. Neither they nor our (youth) know what they do.”last_img read more

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