Plummeting DRAM prices mean better spec PCs in 2011

first_imgThe price of DRAM has fallen dramatically this year, and is set to continue falling well into 2011. For system builders that’s great news, but for anyone intending to buy a pre-built machine next year, don’t expect a price drop. Instead, expect a better spec of machine to be offered.Over the course of 2010 the price of DRAM modules has fallen 46% so a 2GB DDR3 module now only costs $25. As we enter 2011 that price will have fallen to $20.Usually such dramatic drops in price are met with production being cut and a quick rise in price as stocks start to dry up. But that doesn’t look like the case this time. Multiple manufacturers have actually increased output recently, meaning a glut of stock and therefore continued falling prices.For consumers the news is good, but not because vendors will be dropping prices. If you intend on buying a new PC next year then expect it to have a better spec. Instead of 2GB RAM, expect 4GB. Performance machines running 64-bit operating systems could be offered with a surprisingly high amount of memory purely because vendors want to protect their price points while enticing you to buy through the components on offer.More memory always makes a machine look better, right?Read more at ComputerworldMatthew’s OpinionI was considering buying a new laptop before Christmas, but I’m going to wait. I’d opt for a 64-bit OS, so with falling prices it’s probably going to be a lot easier to find a model with 8 or even 12GB of RAM, but without the premium price that usually accompanies it.The price of DRAM is expected to start recovering around the middle of 2011, so upgrade, buy new, or stockpile if necessary before we reach May-June. Even so, the recovery won’t be sudden and may stall again depending on how much demand and competition there is in the market.Now if only we could see a glut of processors and graphics cards on the market, that would make for a nice cheap start to the new year.last_img read more

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