Evolve III Maestro tablet tripleboots AndroidMeeGoWin7

first_imgWhile we admit that the video above is not the most exciting minute of video you’ll watch today, the tablet in the video could well be exciting. While other tablets choose a single OS to boot, others take bit more of a risk and offer a dual-boot option. That’s not the case with this Evolve III tablet: it triple-boots.Evolve III used to make digital screens for business, but then turned its hand to making tablet devices in 2008. The tablet above is called the Maestro and is capable of booting into Android, MeeGo, or Windows 7 giving you quite the choice of tablet interface experiences.The underlying hardware consists of the Intel dual-core Oak Trail Atom which is a new range of very low power Atom chips. This has been combined with 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD, and a 10″ touchscreen. It has WiFi and 3G connectivity as standard and weighs 835 grams.Evolve III is set to release the Maestro in the second quarter of this year. What we don’t know yet is which version of Android it will run or how much the tablet will cost.Read more at MobileSider and the Evolve III websiteMatthew’s OpinionThe triple-boot feature is going to be tempting for a lot of people if the price of the tablet is competitive. If Evolve III bring this out close to the iPad pricing it could have a hit on its hands.The spec of the tablet does make me think it will carry a higher price, though. 2GB of RAM, a Windows 7 license, and the 32GB SSD and 3G as standard will all take the price up. It may end up costing what the top-end iPad currently goes for.It’s certainly not underpowered and has loads of RAM to use. I’d like to know which graphics solution it uses, but I suspect it’s an integrated Intel affair rather than a dedicated chip.last_img read more

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