Bryan Cranston says Power Rangers movie is dark like Batman not silly

first_imgThe kids from the 90s are now grown ups with money, so it’s high time Hollywood took advantage of that by rebooting Might Morphin’ Power Rangers as a movie. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame will be playing the Power Rangers’ alien mentor Zordon in the film, but he says this won’t just be an updated version of the original TV show. He likens it much more to the dark reimagining of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.Cranston, who actually voiced several monsters on the original 90s TV series, explained that he was initially skeptical of taking part in the Power Rangers movie reboot. He remembered the show and didn’t think something with that tone would be a suitable role for him. He talked to the producer and director and gave the script a read anyway. He came away with the impression that this won’t be as similar to the TV series as many expected. As if the boob armor wasn’t enough of a giveaway.The way Cranston tells it, comparing the 90s Power Rangers to what moviegoers are about to see would be like comparing the campy original Batman series to The Dark Knight. Cranston is careful to point out it won’t necessarily be as serious as The Dark Knight, though. This is still a movie with teenagers in the leading roles, but it might have a chance of appealing to adults who are in it for more than the nostalgia. Will they still scream, “It’s morphin’ time,” when it’s time to morph? We can only hope.Power Rangers is currently filming with an expected release date of March 24th 2017. In addition to Cranston, the movie will star Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. I guess they’re saving Lord Zedd for the sequel.last_img read more

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