Halo 4 confirmed accidentally by Microsoft

first_imgEveryone expects E3 to be dominated by details of the Wii 2 and probably some more information on Sony’s PS Vita handheld. But Microsoft may just steal the attention of attendees and the gaming press with news of Halo 4 actually existing and being in development. That development must be some way along if Microsoft intends to demo the game at the show this week.The surprise announcement has accidentally been revealed early through a headline on Xbox.com that introduced the game as news that millions of Halo fans had been waiting for, “Halo 4 is on the way.” Here’s the boxout someone on the Xbox.com team made live too early today:AdChoices广告News that a fourth game in the series is in development should come as no surprise at all. Halo is a cash cow and a system seller for Microsoft, and they will keep it running for as long as it remains popular. What we don’t know is what the plan for the game is, but it seems likely this will be an Xbox 360 game rather than a launch title for a new machine.We don’t have long to wait to find out more as E3 is the intended place for the game’s announcement so we will know specifics in a few hours. Let’s hope it’s more than just a teaser video running on a loop.Read more at Videogamerlast_img read more

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