Windows 8 upgrade program kicks off June 2

first_imgAs they always do, Microsoft will be offering customers free (or discounted) upgrades to Windows 8 in the run-up to its retail launch later this year. Those upgrades, of course, will be offered up to shoppers who purchase a new Windows 7 PC from a participating vendor after a specific date.The date specified in the tiny print above says June 2nd. While that might seem early at first glance, it’s yet another date on the Windows 8 timeline that closely lines up with the one for Windows 7. It’s set to end on January 31 2013 — which will help retail stores to sell out any remaining Windows 7 stock once Windows 8 hardware begins arriving. It also conveniently covers the back-to-school and holiday shopping rushes.So why is the upgrade offer in the one pictured above a paid one? Likely because it’s for Windows 8 Pro. The upgrade offer for the more consumer-oriented Windows 8 SKU will probably be free, as was the Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 program.As before, it’ll be a simple process. Find the upgrade code in the box your new Windows 7  PC arrived in, head over to Microsoft’s redemption site, and enter your code. After that, you’ll be hooked up with your Windows 8 upgrade. Based on how well the new installer handled upgrades from Windows 7 to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my test machines, the process should be a breeze even for less experienced users.Is the upgrade for you? You’ve got some time to make up your mind, obviously, and you’ll probably want to hold off until after the Windows 8 Release Preview arrives. That’s coming next month, too, and it’s worth giving the hands-on treatment before you make up your mind. Of course, if you buy a Windows 7 machine you can always stick with it until Windows 9 comes out if you’d rather give the whole Metro thing a pass for now.via Cnetlast_img read more

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