Tencent and Lei Jun are optimistic about the car all 8500 million C round of financing

August 3rd news, it was learned that the used car business platform for everyone to get the car from Tencent strategic investment of $85 million C round of financing.

everyone car sources, including Shun Lei Jun, the last round of capital investors also with investment, Huaxing served as financial advisor.

everyone car App interface

informed sources, in fact, this round of financing has been completed as early as the end of April, when all car monthly turnover of just over 1000 vehicles.

it is understood that all the car was founded in April 2014, had already won two rounds of investment, including investment, investment sources of venture capital and the Lei system along the red dot for capital. After the current round of financing, the car will be valued at more than $500 million. read more

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Jingdong response pseudo cheap accused trust consumer judgment

Beijing News (reporter Li Yuan) 3·, 8 electricity supplier price war has not yet officially started, the smell of gunpowder has spread. The United States President Wang Junzhou publicly blasted the electricity supplier price fraud, aimed at Jingdong. Yesterday, Jingdong responded that transparency is one of the biggest features of e-commerce, I believe the judgment of consumers.

Jingdong Gome shelling "price gouging"

March 5th, the United States President Wang Junzhou in a media communication conference site open Jingdong product page for example, the lampblack machine, they play out the original price 7767 yuan, 1000 yuan price sale. "In fact, no stove hood at this level may be sold for the price of more than 7 thousand, transaction records also show that they did not sell too early, did not sell 7767 of the price, this is a typical electricity supplier fraud". read more

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6 months from white to programmers may not be as difficult as you think

hey, come on with confidence

editor’s note: This is a small successful transformation of programmers inspirational. Of course, we do not intend to act as a chicken soup cooking master, but want to give people of technology, such as code and ready to some confidence: although at a distance programming in addition to hard work not what trick, but it is not as difficult as you think.

June is over, and July is over. A lot of things happened, and I didn’t realize my goal. However, I have a lot of programming capabilities, and access to the junior programmer Medivo. In this article, I will introduce how to get the dream of programming in less than 6 months of programming experience. read more

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P2P net loan now the collapse of credit information into the wave of Achilles heel

[introduction] although P2P recent negative news constantly, but the financial sector still have great expectations.

April 2nd, the list of P2P net loan companies down on and a new member: Public Lending network, the company registered capital of 10 million, the net loan platform at the beginning of March was on the line, the survival time was only one month.

excellent easy loan, gold loan, Aetna outstanding…… They have promised to provide a net loan platform returns to investors, eventually bring huge losses to investors is, the collapse of the public lending network involving more than 30 investors, involving funds of more than 200, and the closure of the last yooee loan is more than 60 of the investment made by a loss of about 20000000. read more

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CCTV and then exposed Baidu PPC mode Yellow advertising flooded paste it shielding need to spend mo

[Abstract] early in January this year, CCTV exposed Baidu Post Bar hemophilia, psoriasis, was sold to a medical group, a large number of false advertising caused damage to the interests of patients. Today, Baidu Post Bar business and commercial promotion are still walking a fine line, supervision and other aspects of the problem.

CCTV news WeChat public number reported on September 25th, network consumption trap, there will be a trap, bait, at present, some of the ads on the network as a bait role. Consulting consumption, many people have the habit of Baidu search, and search results in the ranking of the former, but also more trust. Baidu search promotion services, in the end is what to rank? Credit? Strength? Reputation? Or other? read more

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On the car home and lazy website Qin Gang’s point of view some one sided

first I have to thank Mr. Qin Gang, you are the Internet predecessors, you become the Pacific computer network editor I just go to college, that I began to contact the internet. In more than a decade ago, in addition to Sina Sohu China TOM, the country has not been a few decent sites, QQ is just a simple chat tool. But the Pacific Automotive Network at that moment is vertical website industry a great reputation. But also by PConline, can I know the first time PCauto, after graduation to a vision of the Internet and the love of cars to join the PCauto editorial department, and has engaged in Internet media. So from this point of view, I respect Mr. Qin Gang very much. But Mr. Qin Gang, I would like to know, after leaving the Pacific network from you, especially your 2007 began to put a sexual content website into a health portal, you know how much of the Internet media read more

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Rise of fundraising website entrepreneurs can not bear the pain and joy

Kickstarter display (Tencent technology plan)

according to foreign media reports, in December last year, announced the production of a beautiful iPhone aluminum charging base project, set off a boom on the internet. The founder of the project through the fund-raising site Kickstarter has raised nearly $1 million 500 thousand, and promised to start in April this year to those provided for the project to send money to people they developed Elevation Dock products.

but Apple’s redesigned iPhone5 last week was not compatible with the product and, due to delays in production, some of the people who initially provided funding for the project did not receive the product. Designers are now working on developing adapters and upgrades. A fund raiser said on Kickstarter: "now I just hope that iPhone6 can receive their products before shipment." read more

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Online music market Although the cake is not easy to eat heavy yoke of copyright

"the Internet has changed many traditional industries, and now it’s music." Small shrimp music CEO Wang Hao the small shrimp music platform conference laments.

CD, from the cassette to the Internet to the mobile phone music client, people enjoy the music channels in the constantly changing, the online music market continues to expand, the market competition becomes more and more serious. In addition to QQ music, Baidu music, cool dog music, cool music box and other old businesses continue to occupy the main market, the beginning of this year there are 3 veteran Internet giants involved in online music: Alibaba through mergers and small shrimp music was established music division; Qihoo 360 launched 360 music box; and the traditional Internet portals NetEase launched a NetEase the main social cloud music "brand. read more

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China’s ten most practical WEB2 0 website

first room boss

list of reasons: do not look for people who do not know the room, looking for a small house in the city is difficult, the reason is simple: here the house up!

second word of mouth network

List the reasons:

not gourmet may know, before looking for a suitable for their own taste of the restaurant is difficult, hunger breeds discontentment, can not find food, it is difficult to list.

third watercress network

list of reasons: not reading people do not know of course, when you find you love books in a website could also find a group of friends is like drawn to like how happy things, to the public and the private, the station to the top three. read more

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Please give me a way out of the attacker we are not easy

is very hard to do this.

until yesterday, I found that I was attacked by the station, the other side is really very vicious, the original is the use of tens of thousands of users I stand against me. The principle is that, the attackers keep the virus in my stand in a corner of the server, and then direct me in domain name, user access to the server to my station, during the user perception automatically download a virus program for my direct domain name, when users visit my station, the virus program will allow users to automatically and unconsciously I’m mad brush station page, leading to Service Unavailable, the user is also very difficult to open my station. read more

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